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For shade or changing alongside the pool.

For shade or changing alongside the pool

Two elegant poolside structures--one a changing room, the other a trellis-roofed colonnade--act as focal points in this remodeled Brentwood, California, garden.

Taking their cue from a simple colonnade along the back of the colonial revival house, Santa Monica architects Kim Coleman and Mark Cigolle designed the trellis framework as a double row of columns. It stands at the shallow end of the 20- by 40-foot pool, which was painted a dark gray-green to enhance the white columns' reflection.

The columns are 7 1/2-inch-diameter pressure-treated fir poles set on box-like bases made from pine 1-by-10s. Two 3-by-8 beams run across the column tops. Over the beams are laid 13 crossbars cut from 2-by-14s to form triangles, with their peaks pointing downward. Finally, 2-by-2 strips run lengthwise over the crossbars.

The 6-foot-square changing cabana sits on a pad of exposed-aggregate concrete. Its asbestos-board walls were cross-braced and surrounded with grooved 2-by-2s, which were then nailed to 4-by-4 corner posts. An open roof--made of 2-by-2 strips that rise to a pediment-like peak over 2-by-6s laid on top of 3-by-8s-- gives the little structure a light look.

Photo: Inverted beams form a striking trellis over spa. The triangular shape turns topside in open-truss frame over changing cabana

Photo: Trellis-topped colonnade defines edge of swimming pool, provides shaded sitting area and a shimmering, classical-looking reflection
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Date:May 1, 1986
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