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For privacy, a simple grape trellis.

For privacy, a simple grape trellis They're easy to overlook, but sometimes the most obvious or the simplest solutions are the best. With all their neighbors outdoors for the summer, Carol and Hugh Maloney thought a light screen sheltering their hot tub would give all concerned a bit more privacy. Architect David Lown designed a simple trellis. Then came the decision of what vine to cover it with; the simple choice (for several clever reasons) was grape. During the cool months, when back gardens aren't buzzing and no screen is necessary, the deciduous grape is bare--letting in low southern sun. In spring, it races into action (from the point where the canes were pruned back in fall), quickly covering the trellis with a dense scramble of vines and big leaves. The flowers are insignificant and early, so bees aren't a problem. The vine is easy to train--a single five-year-old covers the screen and the narrow overhead canopy. It's simple to clip off unwanted shoots without making the plant look butchered. Add to all this a late-summer crop for plentiful off-the-vine snacking. Some summers, the Maloneys soak the base of this established plant with 2 gallons of double-strength fish emulsion--but they always let nature handle the watering. Plants set out this month from 1-gallon cans will require regular watering; they'll benefit from a half-handful of 10-10-10 at the vine's base now--and another application in early July.

PHOTO : Soaking and sunning, they're hidden from neighboring house by screen of leafy `Interlaken

PHOTO : Seedless' vines
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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