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For his opposition to opening up to North Korea and Iran, there is a reason for Trump to sack the National Security Adviser.

Baghdad / NINA/ - President Donald Trump's decision to expel his National Security Adviser, John Bolton, for opposing Washington's opening to North Korea and Iran and pursuing extremist strategies within the US Administration has led to a loss of confidence, according to US reports. They said that Trump's decision to dismiss Bolton was not surprising, and that the character who will replace him in this sensitive position, will determine the nature of the American role in the next stage. A report by the Atlantic Council found that the policy pursued by Bolton, who was considered one of the hawks of the White House completely contrary to the policy of Trump, which seeks to avoid the US involvement in more foreign wars. The Council said that successful national security advisers are able to pursue coherent and consistent policies and maintain the confidence of the President they serve with him, for Bolton, he pursued strategies that are extremely strict within the US Administration, and pursued a stalled policy that does not lead to real results; losing the President's trust in him, so the decision to fire him was just a matter of time and it was never surprising. The board believes that Trump's move comes within the strategic planning of the Republican National Committee on the grounds that Bolton is an obstacle to the success of Trump or another party candidate in the next presidential election. It continued that Bolton is an obstacle already because of the nature of his policies, which generated fear among Americans that Bolton seeks to send their sons to war, so the choice of the successor will be on the basis of restoring confidence to the Republican Party. Bolton paid the price for his policies against Trump's opening to North Korea and Iran and his desire for a diplomatic solution in Afghanistan. Bolton was a hard-line conservative and sought to impose US hegemony and power unilaterally. Now he has been sacked and some see chaos in the White House, leading to more instability in the foreign policy team ahead of upcoming UN General Assembly meetings in New York. US President Donald Trump on Tuesday told national security adviser John Bolton on Monday that his services were no longer needed at the White House. Trump said in a tweet on Twitter that he disagreed strongly with many of Bolton's suggestions, as others in his administration. He continued: "I asked John about his resignation, which was given to me this morning .. I thank John very much for his service .. I will appoint a new national security adviser next week."/ End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Sep 11, 2019
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