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For helping an aunt, he gets into a bigger problem.

Dear Emily,

I am 29 years old, single and a full-time gym trainer. I have always enjoyed my life, until I was dragged into a family problem. I was asked to help solve it and, after doing so, I created a bigger problem for myself.

It was after an uncle died of cancer three years ago and left a childless widow behind. This widow, my aunt, had incurred a huge hospital debt during my uncle's long confinement. She had to mortgage their farm, but knew she could never pay. The holder of the mortgage was a rich businesswoman.

I never knew all these until the rich woman arrived one day to demand payment. She shamelessly started shouting at my aunt, who was pleading with her and promising the full payment in three months. The woman threatened to sue my aunt for nonpayment.

The rich woman came back some days later and, not finding my aunt, I had no choice but to talk to her. I was chopping firewood that time, shirtless, and just wearing my boxer shorts. She sat on a bench while I continued what I was doing.

She asked if I was single, and more questions about me. I knew she had come again to demand payment, so I asked for her number so as not to inconvenience her. I promised to call and meet up somewhere to give her the money.

With payments spread over some time with help from our many relatives, my aunt's debts got paid in full, and I got back the title to her property.

But there is another story here. During the time I was paying her my aunt's debt, we met in various places and became friendly with each other. I learned she was separated and had no kids. After I paid the debt in full and our business dealings finished, she and I had sex.

I left the woman's house immediately when I woke up, and never saw her again. She called me many times after, but I never answered her. She even left text messages saying she loved me.

I left for Manila after handing my aunt's property title to her. Later, she said that the woman had been coming and asking for my whereabouts. Since my aunt had instructions to keep quiet, the woman doesn't know where I am now. I heard that she's pregnant, and I am almost sure it's mine.

Should I show myself to her?


It was apparent that you're a good person, having gotten your aunt out of the rut she was in with her debts. Then, unwittingly, a second story emanated from out of nowhere.

Not to throw shade at your story, but, is it right to conclude it was actually just a one night stand with her? And with so little facts to go on, you're sure it's your child? Not to be naive, but considering she's had a good life with her wealth and enough experience with having been married before, this whole plot can be taken tongue in cheek.

But, what's nice is, despite your ambivalence, there is this desire to touch base with her. Yes, it's considerate of you to be thinking of seeing her. Other men would have just turned their backs on her, called her bad news, and not be bothered at all.

Look her up, have a meaningful conversation with her, and see what's happening. There are clearly a myriad of questions. If it turns out to be your child, do you have enough resources to man up to it? Are you ready mentally to be a father? And, most importantly, do you like the woman enough to start a relationship with her and the kid, eventually?

You might still have a good ending to this, as fate may look kindly upon you. You're a good person for the help you gave to your aunt unreservedly. And having this surprise gift of a child may not be bad at all.
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Nov 6, 2016
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