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For god's sake; Religious nuts use faith as excuse to be pain.

Byline: Charlie Catchpole

TWO Muslims appeared in an East London court last week and admitted causing criminal damage by painting burkas on posters depicting scantily clad women.

Such images offended them, they said. In Islam, one explained, it was a sin for a man to look twice at a woman who was not covered. (Even if she's a billboard photo advertising Lynx deodorant.)

Meanwhile, followers of repellent hate preacher Anjem Choudary were busy plastering stickers around the nearby borough of Walthamstow, declaring the area to be under Islamic Sharia law.

"No gambling, no music or concerts, no porn or prostitution, no drugs or smoking, no alcohol," they proclaimed.

Sharia law, as interpreted by head-bangers like Choudary, brutally oppresses women, condoning forced marriages, polygamy, rape within marriage and child brides.

Don't think for one moment, though, that Muslim fanatics have a monopoly on mad or bad beliefs. "Devout" Christian midwife Hannah Adewole has just lost a religious discrimination claim against an Essex hospital for making her wear trousers rather than a dress.

Mrs Adewole, 45, WE CAN'T any smarter, scientists say, because our unsuccessfully claimed pounds 7,000 compensation, citing the Old Testament Book of Deuteronomy which states: "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing."

She told an employment tribunal: "I believe the Bible is the truth and its words should be followed wholeheartedly."

Is that so? I've been brushing up on my Bible studies and I can tell you Deuteronomy also instructs parents to take a "stubborn or rebellious son" before the town elders to be stoned.

Does Mrs Adewole really believe those words should be followed wholeheartedly? I've often wondered... what if there were some long-lost Old Testament Commandments nobody knows about?

We're told Moses descended the mountain carrying tablets of stone inscribed with 10.

You shall not steal... you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour... honour your father and mother etc. But just suppose he left another tablet behind, Dylan's intending to go back for it.

Well, he was a busy man. He was knocking on a bit.

And what with one thing and another, he simply never got round to it.

I like to think the missing 11th Commandment is: You shall not use the name of the Lord your God to make a thorough nuisance of yourself.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 7, 2011
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