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For espresso lovers only.

Merchandising a product mix of espresso and related hard goods should be a dream come true for your display personnel. "For Espresso Lovers Only" is but one of many theme ideas that can set the concept in motion. Others include: *Espresso While You Work, *Creme de la Crema, *The Espresso Roaster's Recommendation.

Following is a creative interplay of products and props for both your store's window and floor displays of these themes.

For Espresso Lovers Only

Your promo, advertising, flier or catalog copy could read something like this: "Please the espresso lover in your life with espresso blends specially roasted with romance in mind. A night out on the town wouldn't be complete without a perfect espresso and a kiss. Let our staff assist you in choosing a roast."

The window merchandising should sell the romance of espresso. Divide your window into three equal sections and adapt the following according to your space allotment. If you have a small space to work with, scale down the concept by using Barbie and Ken dolls and miniature accessories. If your space permits, use mannequins and fullsized furniture.

In the first section, place a white linen-covered table with two place settings. Use a menu from an elegant Italian restaurant along with a champagne bottle and two crystal champagne flutes. Ornately folded cloth napkins complete the stage. Signage would read "Romantic dinner for two."

In the second section, drape some plush material in the shape of a theater curtain. Seat your mannequins or dolls in front of the curtain. Signage: "Front-row seats."

In the third section, bring your customers into the espresso lovers theme by painting the back drop with a full moon and a starry night. Use mannequins or miniature dolls holding espresso demitasse cups and saucers containing the perfect espresso. Signage: "For espresso lovers only."

The in-store merchandising should reinforce the theme and accentuate product: espresso/cappuccino machines, steaming pitchers, demitasse cups and saucers, cappuccino mugs, lemon zesters, roasted beans, grinders. Signage could include: "Everything an espresso lover needs to end a romantic night out on the town."

Espresso While You Work

Your promo, advertising, flier or catalog copy could read something like this: "Don't be Dopey, Sleepy or Grumpy. Follow Doc's advice: Espresso while you work. With our outstanding product selection, you're sure to have a Happy ending at the office."

The window merchandising should sell the simplicity of savoring espresso in a board meeting or at your desk. Set up your window display to look like an office interior. Choose several Disney stuffed dwarves--Dopey, Sleepy and Grumpy would be ideal.

Place them in working poses. Have the one-cup espresso makers, demitasse cups and beans obvious in the setting. Duplicate your promo copy on your window signage.

The in-store merchandising should continue the theme. Have Dopey, Grumpy and Sleepy inside marching to work. Signage could read: "Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work we go with our one-cup espresso maker, demitasse cup, and a half-pound of Espresso roast." Place related product around them.

Your promo, advertising, flier or catalog copy could read something like this: "Your search for the heart and soul of espresso is over. Come to ABC Coffee for the Creme de la Crema."

The window merchandising should signify that what you offer in both espresso beans and hard goods is the top of the line. Make a classic statement without getting too complicated. It's easy to do with a method called faux marbleizing. Purchase faux marbleizing kits at art supply or hardware stores. They come in a variety of colors; stick with reds or grays. Marbleize the backdrop to your window, side walls, floor and the ceiling. Buy plastic or concrete pedestals resembling Italian building columns. Faux marbleize these as well.

Set espresso hard goods on one, beans on another, and a selection of espresso books for the consumer on a third. Include Crema by Bernard N. Mariano--it will fit in perfectly with your signage and your faux marbleized environment.

Carrying the theme inside, your display merchandising can elaborate on the number or products you offer for espresso Signage: "Offering the creme de la crema: Classic espresso presentations to please the heart and soul."

Will these ideas, you can follow up with details such as lighting, bartering with stores in your trading area for prop suppliers, and display rotation. The espresso theme is colorful, fanciful and romantic. Other display possibilities abound; create a European cafe, build a window around an imaginary roaster, or set up a mock espresso kitchen to grab attention and sell goods. Susan Friedman is a free-lance writer and consultant based in Miami, Florida. She specializes in upscale gourmet foods and housewares. She is a contributing editor to Gourmet News and NASFT Showcase.
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Author:Friedman, Susan
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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