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For circulating lube oil.

Company's flowmeter series is ideal for monitoring circulating lubricating oil and other clean fluids in food manufacturing machinery applications. The lube oil flowmeters are available with optional alarm switches for protecting machinery and minimizing downtime in the event of flow failure. These meters monitor rate of oil flow to keep gears, bearings, drills, mills and spindles functional. They provide flow indication to assist in problem diagnosis and respond immediately if flow goes too low. The mechanical flow switches can be wired to trigger equipment shutdown for protection against machinery damage. The series includes LL piston-style meters and SN and MN vane-style meters made of materials preselected for circulating lubricating oil.

Vendor: Universal Flow Monitors Inc.; 248-542-9635 Product: Lube Oil Flowmeter Key Feature: Optional alarm switches

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Title Annotation:Flow Systems & Controls
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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