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For a bright new bathroom, they pushed a wall out 5 feet.

For a bright new bathroom, they pushed a wall out 5 feet

The rippled texture of glass block ensures privacy and mutes thelight that pours into this bathroom during most of the day. The alcove for a 4- by 6-foot hydromassage tub was added to a bedroom-turned-bathroom in a recent remodel, pushing the house's rear wall out approximately 5 feet.

A short step from the tub, a glass-block shower stall continuesthe curvilinear form. In both cases, upright rectangular blocks were placed in curved areas to allow a smoother turn of the wall and to accent verticality. (Like other kinds of glass block, the two sizes shown are available through glass dealers and some building supply centers; a typical wall starts at about $20 per square foot, installed.)

Mirrors covering a sink and a closet wall opposite the showerand tub give the illusion of even more space in the already ample 125-square-foot room. A motorized skylight in the bathroom's ceiling opens to release moist air.

Outside, the roof over the southeast-facing alcove is part of anexisting 6-foot-deep overhang that covers the patio.

The bath addition was designed by Richard Elmore of PaloAlto, California, and Stan Goldberg of The Sylvan Company.

Photo: Reflected in mirror above sink, wall of square and rectangular glass blocks turns a corner, steps down to create bright shower stall

Photo: Spectacular sweep of glass block surrounds tub,above, on three sides. From outside, below, you see how wall extends out under roof of covered patio
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Date:Jun 1, 1987
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