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For a bathtub surprise, cross-eyed wash mitts are easy to sew and paint.

For a bathtub surprise, cross-eyed wash mitts are easy to sew and paint

Scrub-a-dub-dub: two hand puppets and one kid in a tub mean bath time will be a lot of fun. The critters are wash mitts in disguise. One 16- by 18-inch piece of terry cloth is enough to make two of them. You'll also need a small paintbrush and several colors of nontoxic permanent acrylic fabric paint.

Following the pattern at right, cut out four mitt halves, then paint a face onto the right side of one half of each mitt. (Our animal, though aquatic, is an unknown species.)

After paint is dry, place right sides of each mitt together; join the halves with a 3/8-inch seam, clipping at tight curves. Turn under a 3/8-inch hem and stitch around opening. Turn each mitt right side out and it's ready for a dip.

Design was by Ellen-Lee Leiner of Sunnyvale, California.

Photo: Cross-eyed critters and their friend await a happy soaking. Soft terry is good washcloth material but sturdy enough for bathtub puppetry. Copy the face shown, or design your own

Photo: Each square equals 1 inch. Seam line is 3/8 inch in from edge
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Date:Jan 1, 1988
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