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For Tweens and Teens.

The Heart Calls Home by Joyce Hansen Walker & Company, October 1999 $16.95, ISBN 0-802-78636-7

The story of Obi and Easter, two escaped slaves from South Carolina, is completed in this finale to the trilogy.

Miles' Song by Alice McGill Houghton Mifflin Company, April 2000, $15.00, ISBN 0-395-97938-2

An enslaved African who appears to be broken and fearful is revealed, in this story set during slavery, as the one who deceives the masters.

Night Hoops by Carl Deuker Houghton Mifflin Company, April 2000, $15.00, ISBN 0-395-97936-6

Lives become unexpectedly intertwined during late night hoops games of one-on-one between a troubled youth and his more grounded counterpart.

Soon Be Free by Lois Ruby Simon & Schuster, August 2000 $17.00, ISBN 0-689-83266-4

This sequel to Steal Away (1994) continues in two parallel narratives. In the present, Dana is solving a historical mystery; and in the past, James is a Quaker teen helping a group of runaways escape on the Underground Railroad.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Ellis, Kelly
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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