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For Skin Care, Body Care, and Longevity a New Snack Food is Developed with Cosmetics Experts by Robert's American Gourmet.

ROSLYN, N.Y., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Full of Vitamins, Flowers, Aloe Vera, Herbs, and a blend of essential oils, and soy flour a new, low-fat snack food called Vanity Puffs has been introduced in concert with a cosmetologist and an herbalist.

"Because this low fat snack also contains ingredients for the skin, hair and complexion it is being made available at cosmetics counters in department stores as well as our regular food channels," according to Robert Ehrlich, founder of Robert's American Gourmet. See

"The snack Vanity Puffs made from organic rice was designed by a team of herbalists, dieticians, aromatherapists, a Zen master, and a psychologist," says Ehrlich. Vanity Puffs will be available in department stores, supermarkets, health food stores and cosmetic counters nationally December 15th.

The Company has a cosmetologist on-staff to assist in the creation of the ingredients and behavioral steps, some of which are printed on each bag, with additional tips on-line from the Robert's American Gourmet web site, The web site also provides an open forum for patrons to share their individual experiences with others, emphasizing the importance of vitamins, minerals and individual care through healthier snacking.

Ehrlich's approach to incorporating skin care ingredients in a healthy, tasty snack, is part of his company's long-term goal of "providing social benefits along with our products," says Ehrlich who gave up a career in 1986 as a Stock Trader to pursue his interests in the food and beverage business.

"Our snacks are creating big changes in America's social behavior," says Ehrlich. "Our consumers are eating Veggie Booty as breakfast, and Personality Puffs are now a lecture topic in some high school social studies classes as a way to communicate a social message through a product."

Other products include Ginkgo Biloba Rings(R), Echinacea Shells(R), Kava Kava Corn Chips(R), St. John's Wort Tortilla Chips(R), Cats Claw Crunch(R), Power Puffs(R), and Spirulina Spirals(R), Personality Puffs, Veggie Booty and Fruity Booty, and others.

Another snack coming soon is Confidence Chips, the potato chips that help you win at life with a host of tips and guidance designed by a clinical psychologist.

Robert's American Gourmet has also expanded its distribution in retail accounts as well and has become America's #1 Smoothie Bar Snack, being in such chains as: "Jamba Juice," "Smoothie King," "Juice Guys," "Eatzi's," "Frozen Fusion," "Juice World," "Tropicana," and others.

Robert's American Gourmet is the maker of other successful natural snacks including Smart Puffs, Grateful Puffs, Power Puffs, Potato Flyers, and others. "We make life changing snacks," says Ehrlich. "Snacks that have purpose and meaning."

For further information call 800-626-7557.
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Date:Nov 2, 1998
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