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For Financial Services Professionals Under Pressure: A "Suite Offer" from The Gallagher Group (Gg).

AMESBURY, Mass. -- For many financial services professionals, this year will be the toughest in memory. Missing a sales goal target or dropping the ball on prospecting activities can be career-limiting.

To help solve this concern, The Gallagher Group (Gg), one of the most respected teams in financial services marketing, is announcing an introductory "Suite Offer" of its renowned marketing tools, packaged at a remarkably cost-effective $595.

For sales professionals and manager's focused on prospecting or recruiting, the Suite Offer addresses critical challenges:

1) Focusing on the best markets

2) Crafting unique and meaningful messages

3) Delivering a mix of marketing materials

4) Coordinating efforts in a strategic & simple plan

5) Staying on track week after week.

Tools and support included in the Suite Offer are:

Market Research & Qualification - Gg helps narrow and select the best market with its Discovery Interview, and then validates market assumptions with its ThinkSmart!, a brief research report on the client's market of choice.

Custom Approach Tools - With this offer, unique approach tools are created, allowing meaningful messages to be easily developed.

Simple and Strategic Plan - A 90-day Action Plan brings together both Gg's tools and other tools used by client organizations.

Individual Consultation occurs at several critical steps:

1. A "Discovery Conference Call" begins the engagement, helping prioritize opportunities, narrow market options and determine marketplace differentiation.

2. Call #2, after delivery of the custom Think Smart! Research report, discusses application opportunities within the 90-Day Plan.

3. Call #3 discusses other available custom marketing resources and final items for the 90-Day Plan.

4. Monthly Follow-up Implementation Calls in months #2 and #3 help ensure expected results are on-track.

According to Richard Weylman, President of Richard Weylman, Inc., "Gg's research team works to customize each report to the needs of the client. In addition, they include practical strategies and tactics for applying the research to your practice which adds an even greater value."

Details on The Gallagher Group's unique new offering, the Suite Offer are available at 888-447-8573 (888-Gg-Pulse) and

About The Gallagher Group

The Gallagher Group is a proven strategic resource for financial services organizations, adding value to branding, creative recruiting, target market research and tactical action plans.

The Gallagher Group: Leadership in Intelligent Marketing.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 10, 2008
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