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For C&D, fewer is better.

Although contracts on a 65 episode series have not been paid for, Creativite et Developpement's Olivier Spiner is hopeful that La Cinq may recover from their financial problems.

"We have been badly burned in the La Cinq bankruptcy, but this hasn't stopped us from starting new projects," enthused Spiner, who is C&D's CFO and vp.

C&D had worked on several projects with La Cinq, some of which they had already started work on but had to stop, due to LaCinq's poor financial state. "But, maybe things will improve. You never know."

Last year, C&D had more local projects for the French market, with their game show, Balloon Circus and a series of live action shorts called PiraTV.

"If you do live action strictly for one market, it's difficult to cover the costs of the program. We don't have one live action product that has not sold well all over the world. Unfortunately, however, the live action market is not doing well at this point.

Even though animation's main drawback is the expense, it still is C&D's main focus. "Animation has two advantages: it travels well, and can be viewed again and again, which is perfect for kids. A two-year-old can see the same tape over and over if she wants." Spiner also pointed out that "old animated product doesn't age much. There is a whole new audience Of children every three years!"

C&D's newest shows are also produced in France, but can address the global market. They have begun production on two shows: the animated I 3-episode half hour series, King Arthur and The Knights of Justice and T-Rex, both of which will be ready for a fall delivery. Spiner hopes that their new shows will make a big splash at MIP-TV. The C&D executive has always been happy with the success of Inspector Gadget, which he termed "a universal figure." "Adults like him too! " Last year, Gadget was renewed in Spain, Germany, Iceland and Poland.

"Our goal is not to grow gastronomically. It is better to concentrate on fewer product, than to take on an enormous amount of new productions," stated Spiner. The company boasts a 1200-episode library.

"We are also discussing the idea of producing a theatrical full length animated feature. In the past, our films-Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff and The Little's-have all been successful.

But is Spiner worried about La Cinq affecting their financial future? "We'll get through."
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Title Annotation:Creativite et Developpement
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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