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For A Change Online: Mike Lowe is at the hub of a team shaping a metamorphosis for the magazine.

IT'S TIME for a change at For A Change. From early 2007 an enthusiastic new team will begin to chart a course for the next phase of the magazine's development. For A Change Online will appear at and the site will also still be available at

Regular new articles will continue to appear, themed around the current focus of Initiatives of Change: 'Building trust across the world's divides'. This builds on the magazine's existing masthead: 'Healing History, Transforming Relationships, Building Community'. There will be news stories and profiles of people working to build trust and integrity as well as various special features and opinion pieces.

For A Change Online will also have an expanded searchable archive of back-issues--over 1000 articles going back to the magazine's launch in 1987.

From time to time (frequency still to be determined) a print version of For A Change Online will be produced carrying highlights of what has been published on the web.

Further down the track, a newly-formed global creative team has lots of ideas of how to make the most of the interactivity that the Internet offers. From being an online version of a print magazine we hope to become more of a community engaged in a series of conversations. Through discussion forums, blogs and profiles we want to give you the chance to have your say, as well as commenting on what we say. Everyone has a different story to tell and a unique part to play in building trust across the world's divides. For A Change Online wants to be a place where we can share these stories and visions with each other.

Even as this new venture takes shape, we welcome your ideas on what you look for in For A Change and how you would like to see it evolve in cyberspace. Email us at
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Author:Lowe, Mike
Publication:For A Change
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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