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C. Perricone; FOOTNOTES; Boatwhistle Books (Nonfiction: Poetry) 21.00 ISBN: 9781911052029

Byline: Matt Sutherland

Ah, footnotes. Nothing endearing or sexy about them -- unless you're such a geek of letters, language, history, and research that you've developed a fetish for their unique supporting role. But the humble footnote also knows how to strike out dynamically when the moment is right, and that's what makes this project a stupendous romp. The author of A Summer of Monkey Poems more than twenty years ago, C. Perricone lives in New Jersey.

Seneca's Letter 114 to Lucilius Is all about style, About the questions of words And about the questions of shirts, The colors and the jewelry you choose, A wife, a friend, The slaves in your care, How the sun passes through The eye of the home. Maecenas was no good, Even though he was a friend To Virgil and executive producer Of the Age of Gold. Just look at the way he walked, How he desired to seem, How he did not want his very own vitia, I.e. his "blemishes," "imperfections," His "vices" to remain unexposed. In the "Explanatory Notes" Of the Select Letters, Walter C. Summers comments On 4, line 20 that Seneca is the "chief authority For the effeminacy of Maecenas' character " Summers furthermore mentions that Seneca preserved (101.11) "The ignoble poem in which M. Prays for long life, No matter how his body fares." Look, even if my hand is "debilem," "Lame," "weak," "feeble," "frail," And my feet, too Tumors, "tumesc-ing" and so forth and so on, "Vita dum superest, bene est " "As long as life remains, I'm glad And, that is, even if nailed to the cross." Seneca says that Maecenas Might have been a great man, Had not his speech been Wandering and licentious Had he sought to be felt not heard Had he not been both So easily frightened and so easily pleased.

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Author:Sutherland, Matt
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 27, 2018
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