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Football campaign hits hard for Bud.

This September through December, the Budweiser family of brands will combine their position as National Football League sponsor with a variety of point-of-sale materials and merchandise to make on- and off-premise accounts virtual "NFL Headquarters," Anheuser-Busch, Inc., officials reported.

As sponsors of the NFL and ABC's Monday Night Football, the Bud brands will spend approximately $25 million in network, cable television, local sports, radio and print media advertisements for the campaign.

NFL-identified p-o-s includes "Watch the Games Here" banners, rollout football fields, bottle standups, and Monday Night Football schedule table tents.

"Football fans everywhere recognize the Budweiser brands as major sponsors of their favorite team," stated Tom Sharbaugh, Budweiser brands vice president. "With the complete line-up of p-o-s materials we've assembled, retailers can customize their accounts for the favorite NFL team in their market and score big profits throughout the season."
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Title Annotation:advertising campaign for Budweiser beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 31, 1992
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