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Football :Spreadwise: Now you can trade on Sven's first picks.

Byline: Steve Davies

NEW England coach Sven Goran Eriksson must have a pretty good idea what his first team will be and punters can make money by predicting it.

Sporting have devised a selection special with points for each of the 11 starters against Spain at Villa Park this month depending on which of four groups they emerge from.

Punters who believe Eriksson has dropped enough hints to suggest call-ups for Paul Merson or Teddy Sheringham could well be buyers with each man in the 50-point band.

The potential for injuries could also alert buyers,

although with Eriksson quite likely to name seven players from Group A, which awards no points, it's probably best avoided.

Hills have added spice to

tomorrow's Premiership

programme with a goal minutes special based on poker.

It asks punters to predict the best poker hand they can get from the times of the goal minutes which relate to playing cards. Goals from minute one to 13 count as hearts (one is the ace up to 13 which is the king), 14-26 are spades, 27-39 diamonds and 40-52 clubs. Goals scored in minutes 53 and 54 are wild. Hills go 75-80 with five of a kind top of the shop at 200.

The best hand last week was a flush (five goals scored

between minutes 40 and 52, hence all clubs) which would have made up at 80. It's a

fun market, but way too


Sporting's Swede Little Mystery: Which 11 players will start for England v Spain

70-80. Gp A: Seaman, G Neville, P Neville, Campbell, Keown, Barmby, Scholes, Gerrard, Heskey, Owen, Beckham. Gp B: Martyn, R Ferdinand, McManaman, J Cole, Dyer, Fowler, Andy Cole, Barry. Gp C: James, Mills, W Brown, Ashley Cole, Ince, Phillips, Anderton. Gp D: Robinson, Carrick, M Gray, Merson, Sheringham. Each player picked from Gp A = 0pts, from Gp B = 10pts, from Gp C = 25pts, from Gp D = 50pts.

Sven's Generation Game - Sporting: Agg age of England's starting 11 v Spain: 285-295.

Hills Prem Poker: Goal mins in Saturday Prem matches relating to Poker hands - 75-80:

1-13m - ace-king of hearts, 14-26m - ace-king of spades, 27-39m - ace-king of diamonds, 40-52m - ace-king of clubs, 53-54m - wild cards. 200 - Five of a kind, 175 - royal flush,

150 - straight flush, 125 - four of a kind, 100 - full house, 80 - flush, 60 - straight, 40 - three of a kind, 25 - two pairs, 15 - pair, 2-14 - high.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2001
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