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Football: The Premiership - PRENNO ON THETELLY.

Byline: PRENNO

THE FA paid proper tribute to Peter Osgood this week. So, too, did the Anfield crowd. Sky TV tried to do their bit but, as ever, fell short.

Not in airtime devoted to the issue, of course.

"Breaking news" is manna from heaven for Sky Sports News, enabling it to break free from the never-ending hourly cycle of the same news and interviews.

And they have a roster of experts ready to offer their tributes and pay their respects.

Frank McLintock's words were touching and poignant. Ron Harris was also genuinely moved.

But where Sky were caught on the hop was in archive footage. Quite simply, it doesn't have any.

Archive suggests old - and Sky is a modern phenomenon.

On Wednesday afternoon, for two solid hours, we were forced to endure the same Osgood goal over and over again.

And it was hardly representative of a player we were told had been elegant and dashing.

Osgood stumbled into a challenge inside a Stamford Bridge penalty box, where the ball bounced off his knee and dribbled over the goalline.

The moment was redeemed, somewhat, by Osgood's almost apologetic celebration in the back of the net, on his knees, arms outstretched.

That was a lovely image - but the goal was not. When the Beeb got their chance later that night, they grabbed it.

There was the Goal of the Season from 1973 - an exquisitely despatched volley from the edge of the penalty area - an elegant sidestep and searing shot against Real Madrid in the final of the European Cup Winners' Cup and, of course, the spectacular diving header against Leeds United in the FA Cup final replay.

Sky's lack of proper nostalgia is the only severe criticism you can direct at the organisation.

When you're not long the wrong side of 40, still think of yourself as young...ish and you turn on SkyGold to see an FA Cup Classic from... 1999, it's deflating.

It might be the last millennium, but it's not nostalgic.

Nostalgia is sideburns and sweat-bands, baggy shorts and brylcreamed centreparts, mullets and shorts so tight even David Seaman squeaks.

Come on, Sky. Buy up some proper archive shots. For Osgood's sake.


CHELSEA LEGEND: Peter Osgood who passed away this week
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2006
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