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Football: TALKING A GOOD GAME; in association with SETANTA SPORTS.

'I think you will find Mr McKenna should not have fallen over. He went down like an Elton John song, Candle in the Wind. But they were better today'

Plymouth boss Ian Holloway hits out after Paul McKenna wins Preston a penalty. But surely the alleged dive was just an illusion

"We were poor and you can't get away from that. But we are not going to get out the sackcloth and ashes just yet"

Wigan boss Paul Jewell is right. He can't get his hands on the Ashes coz they're almost in Aussie hands after yesterday's runs riot

"You get days like this. Colin Cameron apart the rest will find it hard to look at themselves in the mirror. It was a long second 45 minutes"

Coventry boss Micky Adams gives his Scots star praise but maybe the mirror's too low down for his team-mates

'It was because I complained about the free-kick. I said it wasn't one. It did not disturb me too much. What do you want me to do, go to jail?'

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after being sent to the stands. Next time he faces Man Utd, Alex Ferguson could fix up a trip to Strangeways

"I don't think too many people could name the members of my team, apart from Phil Jagielka and Paddy Kenny"

Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock hails his unsung heroes. But Neil we haven't heard of that pair either. We do know your star striker Sean Bean

"It could have been 10-10. We couldn't get a defence if we put both teams together. But if we'd defended well it would have been a crap game"

Killie boss Jim Jefferies after his side's 4-3 win. Does that mean Rangers only bought Sasa Papac to entertain?
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 17, 2006
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