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ALAN SHEARER wrecked England's hopes of making the Euro 2000 finals by shooting off his mouth before the crunch battle in Warsaw.

Polish midfield star Tomasz Hajto, 26, says they were fired up after hearing Shearer declare he'd lead Kevin Keegan's men to victoryl.

Hajto, who plays for Duisburg, wasn't impressed by Shearer's boast after the 6-0 demolition of Luxembourg.

And he singled out Steve McManaman and Shearer as England's worst performers.

Hajto said: "Before the game Shearer said some bull***t that he would come here and score goals. That annoyed me and the rest of the players, because we are not Luxembourg.

"It made us determined to make sure England did not win and that's why we stayed strong against them. When it came to the fight we proved Shearer wrong.

"We expected England to be really up for the game but so many of them failed to perform and in the end they were lucky it finished 0-0.

"I couldn't believe how bad Steve McManaman was - he just did nothing at all.

"Shearer did nothing either and as a team they gave us no problems. Jacek Zielinski, who is one of our defenders, told me he couldn't believe how easy it was to contain England's attackers.

"We know England can be better than that but we are not complaining."
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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Bates, Steve
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 1999
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