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THE starting line-ups for last weekend's games show the full extent of the foreign invasion - and how the top sides tend to have fewer Scottish players


Pos: 1, Scots 0

Kharine (Rus), Balde (Fra), Valgaeren (Bel), Tebily (Fra), Agathe (Fra) Petrov (Bul), Lennon (Ire), Moravcik (Slo), Thompson (Eng), Larsson (Swe), Sutton (Eng).RANGERS

Pos: 2, Scots 2

Kilos (Ger), Ross (Scot), Konterman (Holl), Vidmar (Austral) Kanchelskis (Ukr), Ricksen (Holl), Hughes (Scot), Latapy (Trin), Numan (Holl), Flo (Nor), De Boer (Holl).HEARTS

Pos: 3, Scots 5

Niemi (Fin), Flogel (Aus), Webster (Scot), Pressley (Scot), Mahe (Fra), Juanjo (Spa), Simmons (Scot), Severin (Scot), Fulton (Scot), Kirk (Ire), McKenna (Can).LIVINGSTON

Pos: 4, Scots 5

Broto (Spa), Hart (Scot), Anderson (Scot), Rubio (Port), Bollan (Scot), Quino (Spa), Lovell (Austral), Bingham (Scot), Wilson (Scot), Lowndes (Eng), Fernandez (Spa).HIBS Pos: 5, Scots 4

Colgan (Ire), De La Cruz (Equ), Laursen (Den), Sauzee (Fra), Brewster (Scot), O'Neil (Scot), Fenwick (Can).

McManus (Scot), Smith (Scot), Jack (Ger), Orman (Bos).KILMARNOCK

Pos: 6, Scots 7

Marshall (Scot), Innes (Scot), Hessey (Eng), Dindeleaux (Fra), Pizzo (Fra), Fowler (Scot), Mahood (Scot), San Juan (Spa), Hay (Scot), Di Giacomo (Scot), McLaren (Scot).DUNDEE

Pos: 7, Scots 4

Langfield (Scot), Smith (Scot), Khizanishvili (Geor), Del Rio (Arg), Marrocco (Ita), Romano (Ita), Rae (Scot), Nemsadze (Geor), Garrido (Arg), Cabalerro (Arg), Milne (Scot).DUNDEE U

Pos: 8, Scots 9

Gallacher (Scot), Hannah (Scot), Lauchlen (Scot), Easton (Scot), Miller (Scot), Lilley (Scot), McCunnie (Scot), Aljofrie (Eng), Buchan (Scot), Griffin (Ire), Hamilton (Scot).ABERDEEN

Pos: 9, Scots 7

Preece ( Eng), McNaughton (Scot), McGuire (Scot), Whyte (Scot), McAllister (Scots), Derek Young (Scot) Bisconti (Bel), Daren Young (Scot), Thornley (Eng), Winters (Scot), Dadi (Fra).DUNFERMLINE

Pos: 10, Scots 7

Ruitenbeek (Holl), Nicholson (Scot), Doesburg (Holl), Thompson (Scot), Rossi (Morr), Dar (Scot), MacPherson (Scot), Mason (Scot), McGroarty (Scot), Crawford (Scot), De Gier (Holl).MOTHERWELL Pos: 11, Scots 9

Brown (Scot), Corrigan (Scot), Dow (Scot), Forrest (Scot), Ready (Wal), Twaddle (Scot), Leitch (Scot), Kelly (Scot), Elliott (Ire), Adams (Scot), Pearson (Scot).ST JOHNSTONE Pos: 12, Scots 8

Main (Scot), Weir (Scot), Kemble (Holl), Dods (Scot) Murray (Scot), Dasovic (Can), McBride (Scot). Jackson (Scot), Lovenkrands (Den), Falconer (Scot), Parker (Scot).KEY: Arg - Argentina. Aus - Austria. Austral - Australia. Bel - Belgium. Bos - Bosnia. Bul - Bulgaria. Can - Canada. Den - Denmark. Eng - England. Fin - Finland. Fra - France. Geog - Georgia. Ger - Germany. Gre - Greece. Holl - Holland. Ire - Ireland. Ita - Italy. Morr - Morroco. Nor - Norway. Port - Portugal. Rus - Russia. Scot - Scotland. Slo- Slovakia. Swe - Sweden. Trin - Trinidad. Ukr - Ukraine. Wal - Wales.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2001
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