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Football: I don't care if we bring in Zidane... I'd rather we lost with team full of Scots than win with a sporran legion; Dailly leads revolt over foreign stars.

Byline: By Keith Jackson

CHRISTIAN DAILLY last night promised to lead a player revolt if Berti Vogts is allowed to fill his Scotland side with foreigners.

The defender, who has never hidden his passion for the country he represents, can't stomach the proposals under discussion.

He said: 'I don't care if they call in Zinedine Zidane. I would rather lose with a team of Scots than win with a team of foreigners. This is not a club side we're talking about it's SCOTLAND.'

Dailly won the hearts of the nation when he branded Germany 'f *** ing cheats' after the sides clashed in Dortmund in September.

And last night he warned of an uprising from within the camp if Vogts is given the go-ahead by his SFA bosses to bring in foreign stars.

Several other senior squad members have also been outraged by proposals to recruit the likes of Frenchman Didier Agathe and Italian Lorenzo Amoruso on the grounds that they qualify for a British passport.

Celtic's Alan Thompson could also comein if the SFA agree to implement a new FIFA policy that would allow uncapped English players to swap countries as long as they have lived in Scotland for more than two years.

But it was 51-cap Dailly, captain against the Welsh here in Cardiff tonight, who led the protests. He said: 'I'm totally and utterly against it. If the situation arises I'll take a stand. There would definitely be meetings about it.

'It's something that has just cropped upand right nowwe are concentrating on this game against Wales so it hasn't been at the forefront of our thoughts.

'But if it turns out that this is the road the manager wants to go down then I would definitely be looking for some sort of meeting.

'But from what I understand the SFA are against it and I know the players will definitely be against it.

'The first time you get picked for your country there's a feeling in your stomach that words can never explain.

'You grow up dreaming of playing for Scotland one day so when you get that call it means everything.

'It's so much more than just a job or just another game. It's the ultimate.

'I've got nothing against boys like Lorenzo who are being mentioned but they could never ever feel like that.

'The most important thing about playing for Scotland is that feeling inside. No one can put it there it's just something that's in you and anyone who is Scottish will know what I mean.

'If I'm being perfectly honest, I would rather lose with a team of Scots than win with a team of foreign players.

'It doesn't matter if we bring in Zidane it's not about that.

'This is not a club side we are talking about it's Scotland and if we start using foreign players we'll be taking away the places for young Scottish boys. The whole development of the Scottish game will suffer.

'It's been hard enough for Scottish youngsters because of the number of foreign players at clubs. It's only now that the system is changing and young Scottish lads are playing in the SPL.

'We will win with our players we'll win with our own team. The pride you get from doing that is enormous. I can't even explain the pride I felt when we beat Holland just a bunch of Scots boys against a team like Holland or beating England at Wembley.

'We grow up with natural aggression, commitment and passion and that's the way we play our football. That's the reason wecan beat teams like Holland.

'You feel even more passionately about Scotland if you live down south. You are desperate to keep hold of your roots and beliefs and you probably impose them on people more. At home you can take it for granted.'

Vogts hasn't ruled out Amoruso and he even described Thompson as the best left-sided player in British football.

At the end of this month he could be free to draft Thompson in under the residency ruling if the heads of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs go for it when they meet in London.

Vogts said: 'I believe we should first look at the bloodline but at the end of the month the situation will be clear.

'I have to do what is best for my team. I don't like the new rules but I am the coach and if the green light is given I'll have to talk to some players. But they must be of the highest quality.

'I also need leaders, guys who can help the young boys.'

Rangers keeper Stefan Klos is ruled out. Vogts said: 'He wants to stay a German. Maybe Amoruso is an option but first he must play for Blackburn because he's been out for the last four months.

'Such players must feel Scottish and they must like to play for Scotland.That will be my first questions for the boys.

'I think Thompson is the best left-sided player in the UK but it all depends on whether or not Sven Goran Eriksson wants him for England.'


NATIONAL DISGRACE: Dailly, training yesterday, says players won't wear invasion of foreigners
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 18, 2004
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