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Football: FLASH BANG WALLOP; Chelsea 2 Birmingham 0 Jose shushes crowd for shouting 'Ole'.. ..and warns his players: No showboating.. ..then tells Cole: Stop entertaining and work for the team.


HE is famous for his good looks and his Armani wardrobe. But when it comes to football, Jose Mourinho happily admits that he would rather see Chelsea win with workrate over flashy style.

The Chelsea boss even angrily remonstrated with the Stamford Bridge fans when they began chanting "Ole, Ole" - and strongly reprimanded Joe Cole for showboating towards the end of Saturday's win.

But that is not something out of the ordinary for Mourinho, who told his players to shut up shop in last month's 2-0 win at bitter rivals Arsenal rather than go looking for a "historical" scoreline.

Mourinho confesses that he does not enjoy, as he calls it, "euphoric" football and nor does he want his players to be great crowd-pleasers or entertainers. He would much rather enjoy a standard 2-0 win than a tense and exciting 3-1 score any day of the week.

That is perhaps why Chelsea - despite all their brilliance' and flair players - are a team made for highlights packages and the best possible advert for Match of the Day. Arsenal can stick to their fantasy football - but they are 22 points behind.

Mourinho said: "We had many, many, many chances to score a third, a fourth and a fifth against Birmingham. But we have to always be under emotional control and I gave the players the example of the game against Arsenal.

"We went 2-0 up, the next minute Joe Cole hit the post and maybe at that time my players thought the game was over and we could make an historical scoreline. But at that time I did not want historical results and the game was not over. That is why I told the crowd to stop all that 'Ole, Ole' stuff against Birmingham.

"I did that for two reasons. We must show respect to our opponents and my team must understand that the game is not over.

"I don't like 'Oles' because one day when Chelsea are losing in another stadium and the crowd is giving 'Oles' against us, I won't like that."

Mourinho was also unhappy with midfielder Cole for his tricks, flicks and showboating late on as their win over Birmingham became a procession thanks to Hernan Crespo and Arjen Robben's first-half goals.

Cole has been Chelsea's outstanding player for the past few weeks and Mourinho even called him "unstoppable" after their midweek win at Manchester City. But that did not spare him from some savage criticism from Mourinho. Cole was in his bad books from the 30th minute when he and Crespo contrived to miss an easy chance after they went clean through.

Mourinho kicked the advertising hoardings in fury, rollocked Cole constantly throughout the second half and then even motioned to him with his own foot to stop Cole from doing any more back-heels.

It is perhaps lucky that Cole is suspended for the trip to West Ham today otherwise he may well have found himself dropped as punishment - and Mourinho warned him that any more party tricks and he would be axed.

Mourinho said: "At this moment Joe Cole is the player in best form but when he is in that form he has to put at the services of the team all the qualities he has.

"That's what has put him in this incredible position, he is a fantastic individual player playing for the team. Today I just think in one or two situations he played a little bit for himself and for the crowd. That's what I don't like.

"I just told him - one more game like that and you are out! He used to play like that, but now because of the suspension I have given him four days off and he can go back to what he does best - playing for the team."

Mourinho, looking to bring in a midfielder during January to cover for Michael Essien who disappears on African Nations Cup duty, said: "Back- to-back titles is the mark of a class team. I won consecutive titles in Portugal. I hope I can do it in England.

"You have to be the best, to keep your ambition and commitment, not lose any old ingredients and bring in new ingredients to improve the team. It's very difficult to do it, especially by the mental point of view.

"But we have shown in this half of the season that we didn't change, that we're the same people and the same team. And we can do it again this season."

Birmingham boss Steve Bruce - successful with Manchester United in his playing days - said: "I was fortunate to play in a team in '94 which I thought was a bit invincible and this Chelsea team have the same about them today. You can see they're pretty formidable.

"They've got such strength and depth, top, top players everywhere you look and a manager who knows how to handle them and get the best out of them. When you've got all those things that's a pretty formidable outfit you're playing against.

"Back-to-back titles is always the most difficult. You've been there, done it and worn the T-shirt, then you've got to go again. With Man United and Arsenal rebuilding, they're going to take some catching, that's for sure."

Bruce enjoyed touchline banter with Mourinho. He added: "I did ask him not to bring Drogba on at the end! It seemed a bit unfair. We've got to try to keep a bit of humour about us."


MAN OF THE MATCH: Gudjohnsen


CHELSEA: Cech 7, Ferreira 6, Terry 7, Carvalho 6, Gallas 7, Essien 7 (Makelele, 76, 6), Gudjohnsen 8, Lampard 7, Cole 7, Robben 6 (Wright-Phillips, 61, 6), Crespo 7 (Drogba, 70, 6).

BIRMINGHAM: Maik Taylor 7, Cunningham 6, Upson (Tebily, 12, 5), Martin Taylor 6, Gray 7, Johnson 6, Clemence 6 (Kilkenny, 60, 5), Butt 5, Pennant 6, Heskey 6 (Birley, 65, 6), Pandiani 5.

REFEREE: Mike Dean


CHELSEA BUDGET: Doesn't apply to Roman Abramovich's club! TARGETS: Theo Walcott (Southampton), Maniche (Dynamo Moscow). OUT: Robert Huth, Glen Johnson.

BIRMINGHAM BUDGET: pounds 6m TARGETS: Andy Johnson (Palace), Danny Shittu (QPR). OUT: Julian Gray, Walter Pandiani.


GIVE 'EM A COATING: Mourinho lays into Cole and the fans at The Bridge; BRUCE: Looking for where his next point is coming from; ROCKIN' ROBBEN: Arjen Robben dances a jig of delight after sealing Chelsea's win, with Hernan Crespo (below) netting the Saturday's opener
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2006
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