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Football: Captain Motty was the right man for D-Day; view from the sofa.

Byline: Steve Davies


primetime is now 8pm.

Cobblers! Despite having spent all of Thursday encouraging people to go to work yesterday so they

would have to tune in to their repeat showing of England against Argentina last night, primetime was

unmistakeably 12.30pm on BBC1.

It somehow felt right that England's D-Day encounter with the Argies was in the hands of John Motson and Trevor Brooking, a double act as maligned as Abbott and Costello but perfect for the occasion.

Motty's the man for England games. I know Barry Davies has his supporters but he's just a tad too perfect for most of us. Motson wets himself over the most innocuous of things and starts reaching vocal fever-pitch long before he has finished one of his cluttered pronouncements.

We love all that.

And even Trev gets off the fence when the boys with the Three Lions on their tunics take to the field.

The only disappointment was that it took Mots a good hour or so before he started dreamily looking ahead to how a 1-0 win might affect the group and quite what each of the four nations had left to do to qualify.

Maybe it wasn't complicated enough for him to get ensnared in endless permutations, or perhaps Gary Lineker had stolen his thunder by coming up with the simplest of explanations beforehand.

Anyway, England won and Motson was ace. Thanks Des, but we know when `primetime' was.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2002
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