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Foodex Meatex 1994.

The Exhibition for the Food and Meat Industries National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, March 20th-23rd

In Halls 4 and 5 at the exhibition site more than 350 exhibitors will be displaying their wares. Space prohibits us from describing all the stands but readers will be able to learn about just some of the new items on show from the concise preview report that follows. However, the main aim of this next few pages is to encourage you to go and see the actual exhibits.

Limpet Tapes Ltd

At the NEC Limpet Tapes will have on show their comprehensive range of end-of-line packaging machinery and consumables.

The latest addition to their range, the Lock'n'Pop pallet stabilisation system will be demonstrated. This system works by applying a fine spray of water-soluble liquid on to the tops of cases or sacks as they move down the conveyor. When stacked together, the treated surfaces lock, giving loads a high shear strength but, when lifted vertically, they easily 'pop' apart, allowing for fast and easy breakdown of pallets.

Lock'n'Pop is FDA approved and therefore introduces no harmful chemicals.

Limpet will also display a selection of their automatic case tapers together with the latest range of plain and printed adhesive tapes, and their ink-jet printers that use water-based inks to code packs.

APV Baker Ltd

The APV Baker Refrigeration and Freezer Division is launching a new all-stainless steel vertical plate freezer at the exhibition. As readers will remember, the company pioneered the vertical freezer concept in the 1960s and this all-stainless steel version is the latest development in their series.

The new unit has been designed to meet the specific needs of the industry, where the meat, fruit and vegetable processing sectors have already accepted the vertical plate freezer concept. Stainless steel is compatible with the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning demanded across the industry.

Frozen blocks of product from a vertical freezer stack easily on to pallets and make efficient use of space, both in the cold store and on refrigerated transport.

Avery Berkel UK

On their stand, visitors will be able to see process weighers, slicers, high speed packaging machines and equipment like scales and cash control systems for retailers and caterers.

On show for the first time will he their new meat plant carcass weigher, food factory checkweighers and Recipe 2000, a fully computerised system for faster, high accuracy recipe weighing and complete batch traceability. To ensure control and profitability in all factory weighing operations, Avery Berkel have developed the Loadstar range of multifunction weight indicators that link all loadcell platforms.

Examples from their Surevac vacuum packaging systems will be on display alongside their very latest Surewrap 'intelligent' stretchwrapping machine, which is being launched at the show. In addition, they aim to exhibit a brand new high speed automatic weigh/price labeller that will be on view for the first time.

Besides these new developments, visitors will also be able to see liquid filling systems, robust waterproof precision balances and Tempit temperature monitoring devices for ensuring that food safety is maintained throughout the food chain. ISS Food Hygiene Ltd

An independent food hygiene company has been established by ISS to provide cleaning services on a nationwide basis to food manufacturing and processing plants and industrial catering companies. This new company, ISS Food Hygiene Ltd, was formed to specialize in this area as new legislation takes effect. It is probably unique because it has trained and qualified staff at every level, and all cleaning staff must complete a certified food hygiene course.

At Meatex/Foodex they will be demonstrating their food hygiene services for the meat and food processing industries, and exhibiting details of their new kitchen cleaning division. This newest division provides nationwide coverage for all types of industrial and catering kitchen.

Premier Pallet Systems Ltd

Premier Pallet Systems are launching a new plastics pallet washer on the stand they are sharing with Industrial Washing Machines.

With many manufacturers switching to plastics pallets for use in their production systems, the need has arisen for a simple and inexpensive method of cleaning them before each use.

This new washer works on the high pressure/hot wash principle and has its own filtration and recycling system, to keep running costs low. All-stainless steel construction is used throughout the unit and maintenance is minimal, they tell us.

Bimark (Wirral) Ltd

Bimark develop high quality flooring systems and details of these floors and examples will be available on their stand.

Zeneca needed a high specification anti-static floor system for a laboratory area that conformed to BS 2050 and DIN 51953. The floor had to be chemical and abrasion resistant and also kept to a high degree of cleanliness.

Bimark were consulted and specialist contractors Temple Somerville P and D were asked to apply this system, based upon the above criteria, and also provide certificates of conformity on completion.

The floor was first prepared by abrasive means to receive the conductive system, primed using a solvent-free epoxy primer and, whilst still wet, was blinded to excess with special carbon coated conductive aggregates. After the initial cure of the priming system, excess aggregate was vacuumed up to accept the top coat finish, a modified three-pack solvent-free self-smoothing epoxy resin that was trowel applied and de-aerated by means of a spiked roller. The top coat, containing special conductive filaments that dissipate any antistatic charge away to earth, was then applied.

Portals Engineering's Delford and Sortaweigh

Delford and Sortaweigh will be exhibiting a new range of equipment for the first time.

Delford will have on show their 7060 weigh price labeller. This twin-labelling head model offers automatic change-overs, random and fixed weight labelling simultaneously, and the facility for accommodating two different products/labels simultaneously. Also exhibited for the first time will be their new SP6000 stretch wrapper. This model has been completely redesigned and is now totally manufactured in the UK.

Sortaweigh have chosen this exhibition to introduce their 480 Optimiser, an 'intelligent' weigh/grading system, developed to meet the demands of providing fixed weigh packs to a fixed target count. If required, it automatically adjusts batch weights to the minimum above the set target to intelligently package product and provide accurate production data. Capable of handling both fresh and frozen products, this system is fully automatic and is able to transfer product to a bag or tray with an outfeed conveyor system only half the normal length. Pakseal Industries Ltd

Pakseal will be launching a new range of equipment at the show.

On their stand visitors will be able to see their new tunnel-type meat roll tying machine and automatic strapping machines with a special food quality coating that is resistant to all bacteria, fungicides and corrosion, they tell us.

Also on display will be highly accurate weigh scales built into automatic strapping machines to provide the dual facility of strapping and weighing products in a single operation.

Euro-Food Machinery Ltd

The major emphasis on the Euro-Food Machinery stand will be cooking, roasting and smoking ovens from their recently established manufacturing division.

Also on the stand they will have burger and patty-formers from Provatec and Hollymatic, respectively, the Eaton-Williams steam generator, Hubner single and multi needle injectors and Lescha tumblers.

On show for the very first will be their EFR 100 cooker that has been designed with the smaller manufacturer, or even retailer, in the mind

Planet Flowline Ltd

Planet Flowline, the sole UK representative of the CA.VE.CO range of tray sealing equipment, will have on their stand a semi automatic tray sealing machine, Model STL/1.

This machine has been designed to meet the requirements of small and medium scale production runs. It is simple to operate and available in two versions, with either hydraulic or pneumatic operation. Versatility was one of the principal features of the design concept, and the machine can be supplied with change parts to handle the variety of lids and film that accompany the various trays currently on the market.

Additional equipment is also available to perform gas flushing and lid trimming, and handling registered film.

Proven Systems Ltd

Proven Systems have always been involved in providing the latest technology for the meat industry, and many of their innovative applications are now being used in both small and large processing plants.

At the exhibition they will be continuing this theme, showing the latest in slicing technology. New cutting techniques for meat and poultry are available from Norfo Industries, along with Smart machines for portioning.

Also, Townsend Engineering Corp have updated and developed new machines for sausage manufacture and all types of sausage skinning.

All these new developments will be on show along with those by Sine Pumps and Transpak, whose developments help ensure long life storage of fresh chilled meat.

Burnley Packaging Machinery Ltd

Burnley Packaging Machinery will be exhibiting for the first time their new Model FW85 fully automatic sausage wrapping system.

This all-stainless steel refrigerated in-line machine incorporates interlock guarding, print registration and a quick change facility for wrapping material, to give output speeds up to 50 packs a minute.

This is just one of their fully automatic wrapping machines, and they also manufacture an extensive range of shrinkwrapping systems, from semi to fully automatic, which are also available in stainless steel.

Trigon Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd

Trigon are to launch a new patented flexible packaging concept, called Twinskin at the show. This development is aimed at improving the retail presentation of frozen meat and fish products.

Twinskin is a bag within a bag arrangement, the inner and outer bags being presealed together at the neck. Both bags are made from transparent, freezer grade film, to allow the product to he clearly seen but, while the inner bag is plain, the outer one can be decorated by flexo printing in up to six colours both sides.

In use, the product itself is held tightly in a vacuum in the inner bag, whilst the outer bag is held at atmospheric pressure, so stays relaxed and displays the graphics to best advantage. To pack a product, it is merely necessary to place the product inside the double bag and draw a vacuum and heat seal the mouth. Also new on their stand will the Corr-Vac Mark 3 bulk modified atmosphere packaging machine for the transit packaging of fresh meat, poultry and fish. This unit can pack two separate bulk pouches per cycle and incorporates a vacuum sensor to ensure there is a balanced vacuum in the two packs and a unique seal-bar that can seal the pouches through creases, so eliminating the need for a bag stretcher.

Werner Rietschle (UK) Ltd

A mobile, packaged vacuum supply system makes its exhibition debut at the show. Developed in response to the industry's need to remove oil mist, heat and noise from the packaging area, Rietschle's VacBox solution is a heavy duty, 250cu m an hour capacity, oil-lubricated vacuum pump that is totally enclosed in a sound-proofed stainless steel shell.

Noise emission from the VacBox is reduced to 65dB(A), a comfortable working level and well within any prescribed limits. Oil mists, exhaust or excess heat generated by the pump are contained within the stainless steel housing and discharged vertically through the roof of the packaging hall or via an existing duct.

Systech Instruments Ltd

In recent years retailers have laid down strict demands for the testing of gas in fresh food packaging. To ensure a food product maintain its high quality, an accurate gas mixture within the pack is required.

Gaspace 2 from Systech meets the requirements for the rigorous testing of gas packaged foods. With microprocessor control, this analyzer gives a rapid and accurate measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide by using a miniature zirconia probe and a single beam infra red detection system.

With clear LED displays, this instrument is controlled through an alphanumeric keyboard and is capable of reading from 100 percent down to 0.01ppm oxygen and from zero to 100 percent of carbon dioxide. It has the facilities for programming up to 100 nine digit product codes and 15 digit product names and storing them in its memory but all this can be discussed on their stand.

DayLay Foods Ltd

Frozen Egg Nuggetts will be featured alongside Daylay's range of ready-cooked Scrambled egg, Pasteurised whole, Yolk and egg whites and Cooked chicken meat.

Frozen egg nuggettes are individual free-flowing granules of pasteurised whole egg. They offer the quality, taste and versatility of fresh shell eggs in a new and convenient form. We are assured they conform to the high bacteriological standards and are produced under the strictest hygiene standards. Weiler Food Processing Equipment (Europe) Ltd

Pride of place on their stand will he taken by the Weiler 1107 grinder. This unit has an 11in. plate and is driven by a motor that will be in the power range 20 to 50HP.

The unit can he used to pregrind fresh and tempered beef, poultry or seafood, or be used as a final grinder for the same raw materials. It can he used on chicken and turkey bone or for desinewing operations.

The unit incorporates a double plate assembly so that it can double grind in a single pass. Both the cutting knives are spring-loaded and there is a facility for individual knife or plate adjustment.

We understand it can be used for continuous operation and is easy to operate.

Yamato Lock Inspection Systems Ltd

Contaminant detection now plays an ever increasing role in processing and Yamato Lock will he showing their new Ultrascan contaminant detection system for the first time.

This multi-dimensional analysis system can detect a wide range of contaminants, including foreign bodies in non homogeneous products, and can be used for checking for missing, misaligned and broken or crushed products. With a line speed of 60m a minute and the option of 20 and 40MHz real time analysis systems, pack rates of up to 400 per minute can be achieved. Ultrascan affords real savings in terms of unit inspection costs as its speed of operation avoids any potential bottlenecks that may result in lost production. This unit incorporates a self-calibrating system, which needs no manual adjustment, and the detector uses a 386 processor, so making it compatible with any management reporting system.

Dellepac Food Systems Ltd

Dellepac will be exhibiting their tray denesting and sealing machines, pastamaking machines and foil containers.

On show for the first time will be their Star 1 tray denesting, conveying and sealing line. Designed as a modular unit, it comprises a six model line-up to cover speed requirements from fewer than 20 up to 100 trays a minute.

Also on show will the latest Tristar operating on a unique continuous motion single lane system.

Both units can be equipped for heat sealing, board lidding and hooding, and they will handle CPET, ovenable board and foil trays.

The pasta machinery on show will include a Kneader/sheeter working in conjunction with a Calibrator/cutter to produce lasagne and tagliatelli.

Dyno Food Packaging Systems

The Dynopack stand will reflect the exceptional customer choice offered by the wide range Dyno Food Packaging Systems. These vary from fully automatic high capacity machines, with optional vacuum/gas flush facilities, down to simple low-cost manual machines that provide the same robust liquidtight type of pack. Unusually, Dynopack provide both the main components for the system themselves-heat sealing machines, a wide choice of trays and other containers in HDPE and CPET plastics and a comprehensive range of compatible sealing film laminates.

Radix Systems Ltd

Radix Systems will be exhibiting two new products.

The Qualisizer is a new concept in quality assurance. The users will be able to automatically check or continuously monitor product colour and particle sizes. Many processes require a knowledge of product sizes or percentages of discoloured or defective pieces. The Qualisizer provides instantaneous particle counts and size distributions in three different colour domains.

Their Autosort range of electronic sorters is being expanded with the introduction of a new RS303 series of colour and size sorting systems. In this unit the standard chute is replaced by a fast belt conveyor; this method of product delivery is more appropriate to some sorting tasks.

The new Autosort now offers a comprehensive range of sorting options from simple shade defect rejection to combined high capacity product size, shape and colour inspection.

James Halstead Ltd

Hygiene, safety underfoot and proven durability are the hallmarks of the comprehensive range of contract vinyl floorcoverings to be shown by this company's Polyflor contract flooring division at the show.

Recent introductions on show will include high style, high performance Polysafe Vogue sheet and vinyl flooring and non directionally patterned heavy duty sheet and tile ranges - Polyflor Prestige and Polyflor Mystique.

All their Polyflor vinyls can be welded at the seams and to coved skirtings to create continuous impervious floors that offer no traps for dirt or bacteria. Some of their floorings even contain a bacteriostat to ensure enhanced protection.

We understand these vinyls can even be welded up walls and across ceilings, if necessary.

BM Stainless Steel Drains Ltd

BM Stainless, who supplied all the drainage channels, together with their newly launched round-bodied floor drains and above ground drainage pipework for the Smithfield Market refurbishment, will have on display examples of their many drainage products.

Most of the types utilized in the Smithfield project will be seen on their stand. BM is keen to show specifiers how they were able to meet the very tight and demanding brief. Working closely with building services engineer, W S Atkins, and Rosser and Russell, the principal subcontractor for mechanical and electrical services, BM Stainless provide on time more than 2000m of Europipe pushfit stainless steel pipework and fittings, 300m of drainage channels with gratings and 400m of slot channels throughout the East wing of the building.

R S Stokvis & Sons Ltd

Industrial doors specially developed for the food industry will be launched on the Stokvis stand at NEC.

This range includes fast-acting, easily cleaned Rapid Roll doors, designed for both internal and external application, and doors for use in ultra clean areas - a particular requirement of the food and meat industries.

They will also feature new loading bay equipment, including dock levellers and dock shelters.

Their Energy Products Division will be exhibiting plate exchangers that can be used for a variety of applications, particularly where continuous supplies of constant temperature hot water required.

Portable Cold Storage Ltd

PCS provide portable cold stores for rental, sale or lease and cover all temperature controlled storage requirements from -25 |degrees~ to +24 |degrees~ C. These units are designed for both interior and exterior use.

Their range includes the Superbox, which can accommodate up to a 3 pallet width storage configuration and can vary in length 20ft up to 50ft. The Deluxe model is a standard 2 pallet wide unit with floor space for up to 19 pallets and is offered in sizes from 20 to 40ft long.

At the smaller end of the scale they can provide Mini Box units that come as complete units in modular form.

Another of their developments is the Rapid chiller/freezer unit, which has been designed as a lower cost alternative to a blast freezer and can be used to increase or reduce the temperature of products using a high power, low velocity air flow.

Formax Inc

Formax have brought out what they describe as the world's most flexible slicer. The Formax shingle and stack 180 has a multiple loaf capability with a product range up to 6in. high by 14in. wide. It will create up to 90 by 3in. high stacks a minute or shingle 90 pieces measuring up to 8in. long in the same time. The unit's head speed is infinitely adjustable from 10 to 750rpm. The blade cutting ratio is up to 40:1 and this unit will accommodate a loaf up to 48in. long for the backclamp model or up to 72in. long for the continuous model. Slice thickness can be varied from 0.005 to 1.00in. and the slice count can go to 99. Operation is via a full colour touch-screen panel and this system can incorporate up to 100 different product menus with up to 32 parameters per products being noted. The unit automatically displays and collects the statistical weight information and production data.

Morton Machine Co Ltd

Morton are introducing a new Gridlap mixer at the show.

Traditionally, Morton have manufactured two models of their Gridlap mixer - the GL55 with a working capacity of 250 litres and the GL70 with a working capacity of 320 litres.

As a result of pressure form customers, they have now developed the Gridlap GL140, which has a working capacity of 630 litres.

All these units incorporate the maximum amount of stainless steel to allow ease of cleaning and their design allows the lids to be constructed to suit each customer's individual filling requirements.

GPG Containers

The Dolav range of box pallets is now available from GPG Containers in a range of seven standard colours, with other special and two-tone colours available to order. Examples of the various colours will be seen on their stand.

The choice of colours is proving popular with manufacturers because it enables them to easily identify the Dolavs as their own and to develop colour coding systems for contents identification. As readers may appreciate, these box pallets are also available in three sizes and are one-piece mouldings in special structural foam material to give them great strength and impact resistance, even at low temperatures.

Visitors will also be able to see examples of GPG's range of plastics pallets, including the IPS with no dirt traps or difficult-to-clean recesses, and their all-plastics swing bar trays that are particularly suitable for use with in-line metal detection systems.

Simo Industries (UK) Ltd

New equipment from Simo will include a vacuum filling machine, a pump mincer system and the Micro cutter.

Their vacuum filling machine has been designed for the continuous high volume processing of whole muscles. It can form an integral part of a complete processing line for cooking, filling and portioning.

The 290 Pump mincer system introduced new technology to the mincing process, as users have the capability of processing either fresh or frozen meat in the same machine. This unit's hopper can be set at a low height for loading and the actual mincer head can be elevated to feed directly into subsequent machinery. Their Micro cutter is a positively fed, fully automated unit for the continuous high volume processing of emulsified products.

Handtmann Ltd

Handtmann will be showing their complete range of VF vacuum filling machines, including three new models, the VF100/80, the VF100/160 and VF100/240.

The exhibition will see the launch of their new AL filling, portioning, linking and hanging system. These machines come in two versions.

Altro Floors

Altro Puma resin systems, safety flooring and Whiterock PVC wall and ceiling cladding will feature strongly on the company's stand at NEC.

The Puma resin screeds and coatings can provide a flooring surface that is durable, easy to clean and slip resistant, even withstanding the weight of heavy equipment, like fork lift trucks.

Their safety flooring is suitable for all areas where fork lift trucks are not used.

The PVC cladding provides tough, impact and water resistant surface that is simple to clean. As it is smooth, there are no dirt traps and it can be thermoformed around pillars and corners.
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