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Food safety and protection.

Educational Program

If you are a Food Safety and Protection Specialist, you may register for just these sessions as their own conference at a lower rate. See for the separate brochure and registration form.


Learning Objectives

After attending these sessions, you will be able to:

* implement strategies for preventing and investigating foodborne illness outbreaks

* develop and employ effective food safety training programs for food establishment employees and the public

* address ethnic food safety issues through hazard identification and cultural sensitivity

* put into action food security plans

* utilize plan review knowledge to strengthen food safety and protection programs


Highlighted Speaker Roy E. Costa

Roy E. Costa, R.S., M.S., is a professor at the Walt Disney Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at Orlando's Valencia College. He is the President of Environ Health Associates, a consulting firm specializing in disease control and prevention. Mr. Costa is the author of the book, Security in the Food Industry, and will be presenting "Food Security by the Numbers--Calculating a Food Security Vulnerability Score."

Highlighted Speaker Shelley Feist


Shelley Feist is Executive Director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. The Partnership unites industry associations, consumer and public health groups, and USDA, CDC, USFDA, and USEPA to educate the public about safe food handling and preparation. The Partnership is the creator and steward of the Fight BAC![R] campaign, a food safety education program developed using scientifically-based recommendations, and resulting from an extensive consumer research process. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear of the campaign's progress from Ms. Feist and individuals from the participating organizations.

Sunday, June 26


Ethnic Foods: Safety Is ... Should be in the Preparation

Lawrence W. Pong, R.E.H.S., Principle EH Inspector and Manager of Training, City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health, San Francisco, CA


Opening the Market for Irradiated Foods

Ronald F. Eustice, M.B.A., Executive Director, Minnesota Beef Council, Bloomington, MN


Potentially Hazardous Food: The Evolving Definition of Temperature Control for Safety

Robert L. Buchanan, Ph.D., Senior Science Advisor and Shirley B. Bohm, R.S., M.P.H., Consumer Safety Officer. Retail Food Protection Team, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, USFDA, College Park, MD


Updating the 2005 Food Code to Address Norovirus in the U.S.

David Acheson, M.D., Director of the Office of Food Safety, Defense, and Outreach, and CAPT Wendy Fanaselle, R.S., M.S., D.A.A.S., Consumer Safety Officer, Retail Food Protection Team, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, USFDA, College Park, MD

Monday, June 27


Exhibition and Poster Session


What Health Inspectors Need to Know About Additional USDA Food Safety Requirements Effective July 1, 2005

Marion Hinners, M.S., Food Safety Specialist, and Marisol A. Benesch, M.S., Program Analyst, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA, Alexandria, VA; and Glenda R. Lewis, M.S.P.H. Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer, CFSAN, USFDA, College Park, MD


Food Security by the Numbers--Calculating a Food Security Vulnerability Score

Roy E. Costa, R.S., M.S., President, Environ Health Associates, Inc., DeLand, FL


Specialized Food Service at Latino Meat Markets

Jaime A. Vinaras, R.S., HACCP Program Coordinator, Division of EH, Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, Phoenix, AZ


Food Safety Education: Case Studies in New Program Development Under the FightBAC![R] Campaign

Shelley Feist, Executive Director, Partnership for Food Safety Education, Washington, DC; Jerry Bowman, Director of Corporate Communications, NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI; Kathy Mean, C.A.E., Vice President of Government Relations, Produce Marketing Association, Newark, DE; and Susan Conley, Director, Food Safety Education. Food Safety and Inspection Service/USDA, Beltsville, MD

Tuesday, June 28


Making a Difference--Best Practices Within Regulatory Retail Food Protection Programs

Moderator: John A. Marcello, R.S., C.F.S.P., Pacific Region Retail Food Specialist, USFDA, Tempe, AZ

Panelists: Charlene Bruce, Director, Food Protection Division, Mississippi State Department of Health, Jackson, MS; Pete Giesen, M.S., R.S., EH Manager, Olmsted County Public Health Services, Rochester, MN; Steven Grover, R.E.H.S., Vice President of Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Compliance, Burger King Brands, Miami, FL; CAPT Charles L. Higgins, R.E.H.S., USPHS, Director, Office of Public Health, National Park Service/DOI, Washington, DC; David Ludwig, M.P.H., R.S., EH Manager, Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, Phoenix, AZ; David McSwane, H.S.D., R.E.H.S., C.F.S.P., Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN: Joseph P. Nobile, Executive Chef, Xanterra South Rim L.L.C., Grand Canyon, AZ; Cas Tryba, Food Safety Manager, Big Y Foods, Springfield, MA; and Lisa Wright, M.A., Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Jack in the Box Restaurants, San Diego, CA


The Process of Developing Successful School Food Safety Policies


Martha S. Patnoad, M.S., C.F.S.P., Cooperative Extension Food Safety Education Specialist, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI; Ernest Julian, Ph.D., Chief, Division of Food Protection, Rhode Island Department of Health, Providence, RI; and David Oliveira, Esq., Attorney at Law, Providence, RI


The Importance of Using Suitable Food Equipment Materials

Jonathan M. Brania, C.F.S.P., E.I., Project Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC


Why are Inspections Necessary? Using Real Data to Justify an Environmental Health Program

Gregory A. Pallaske, M.S., R.S., R.E.H.S., Food Safety Section Chief, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Madison, WI


Environmental Health Specialists' Outbreak Investigation Practices and Beliefs

Laura R. Green, Ph.D., Research Analyst, RTI International, Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, June 29


Results That Work: A Look at Recent Research That Can Impact Your Food Safety Program

Kristie A. Grzywinski, M.S., Senior Manager, Science and Regulatory Relations, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Chicago, IL


Epi-Ready: An Instant Success!

Matt Cummings, Epi. Project Specialist and Tom Dickey, R.E.H.S., Project Coordinator, Research & Development, NEHA, Denver, CO; Donald J. Sharp, M.D., D.T.M. & H., Associate Director for Public Health, Food Safety Office, Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases/NCID/CDC, Atlanta, GA; and panelists TBA


Effective Tools for Food Establishment Plan Review

Jim B. Anderton, R.E.H.S., Consumer Safety/Training Officer, USFDA, Rockville, MD


The Magic of Handwashing

Ken Pearson, Ed.D., C.F.S.P., Environmental Specialist Trainer, Knox County Health Department, Knoxville, TN


Public Health Response and Epidemiology Activities at the National Center for Food Protection and Defense

Craig Hedberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Food Safety Demonstration Sites

Donna Cadwell, EH County Director, Macon-Bibb County Health Department, Macon, GA; Lisa Matos, R.S., EH Specialist, Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, OR; and Gina Nicholson, Columbus Health Department, Columbus, OH
"It's a great opportunity to see what's happening at the national level
with other jurisdictions--and to meet peers from across the country."
J. Ryan Kellogg, Environmental Health Specialist II, Tacoma-Pierce
County Health Department, Tacoma, Washington
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