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Food processing solutions by Alpha Penta Pvt. Ltd.

MILKY LAB: Line for processed and spreadable cheese

Steam Cooker stretcher for the pro- duction of processed and melted cheese, analogue cheese, spreadable cheese and for mixing spices and flavorings.

Steam Stretcher: Steam stretcher for melting, cooking and stretching fresh curds, industrial curds, powder products and food ingredients. For the production of mozzarella and pizza cheese, analogue and imitation mozzarella, processed and melter cheese.

Cooker Stretcher: The cooker- stretcher has the function of cooking, stretching and kneading any type of pasta-filata cheese.

Reda: Food Processing Plants

REDA produces high-grade process equipment such as UHT systems or self- cleaning separators, but it is also appreci- ated for its process engineering skill in the whole plant developing.

REDA uses the latest automation, controls and monitoring techniques which ensure flexibility and efficiency in the product lines.

Milk and by-products

Dairy products are fundamental to maintain a complete nutritional balance.

REDA, world-wide supplier of dairy processing equipment, has developed a large series of milk pasteurizing units and UHT lines for fluid milk viscosity products too.

The wide range of self-cleaning cen- trifuges (milk seperators, milk clarifiers, bacteria removal seperators) and milk/cream in-line standardizers, assure the highest quality treatment to the prod- uct.

BERTOLI homogenizers and piston pumps

A homogenizer comprises a high pres- sure piston pump followed by a homoge- nizing valve in which the treated product is homogenized. The Bertoli range of homogenizers cover capacities of upto 50000 L/h and features a maximum pres- sure of 1200 bar. The vast range of mate- rials and technical solutions can satisfy all customer requirements.

The new homogenizer and high pres- sure pump "Michelangelo Series" can reach industrial productions up to 2500 lt/h.

Redox (Water-Technology)

REDOX Water Technology is a part of a strong group of Dutch companies that is committed to manufacturing installations for improving the water quality and reclaiming valuable raw materials from solid waste and wastewater.

Smart and sustainable solutions: REDOX water Technology has been a global supplier of water and wastewater treatment systems for more than twenty five years. Our installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatment. REDOX Water Technology is now a specialist in the field of advanced water treatment equipments and techniques. The installa- tions are developed and manufactured in our head office in Winterswijk where we also co-ordinate, project execution and service.

Their specialties are: meat processing industry, poultry processing industry, fish processing industry, foodstuffs industry, potato processing industry and dairy industry.

KARL SCHNELL - Partner to the food industry

KS F-Series Emulsifier

KS F-Series Emulsifiers are vertical machines, equipped with the proven KS Cutting System and a high output, gener- ously designed motor programme. Their solid construction provides a combination of high continuous output, high durability and easy operation.

KS FD-Series Emulsifier

KS FD-Series Emulsifiers have become an internationally recognized name in food processing.

KS Vacuum Fillers P9 SE / P10 SE

KS Vacuum Fillers P9 SE / P10 SE can be used as an universal filling machines for any homogenous mass.
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Date:Apr 30, 2013
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