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Food industry loves Paris in the fall, especially at SIAL where buyers call: biennial trade show, as always, promises to serve up a moveable feast of innovative and tasty international cuisine for retail and foodservice sectors. Frozen products will be in high profile.

As the countdown gets short for e October 21-25 SIAL World Food Exhibition in Paris, the spotlight is already shining brightly on frozen food producers, eight of whom have won coveted SIAL d'Or prizes.

For the first time in the history of the competition, the jury selected one winner per category, one winner per country, and a Global SIAL d'Or award winner. Since its creation in 1986, the purpose of the competition is to identify and reward innovations that have become major retail successes. This year no fewer than 243 products from around the world were in contention for trophies.

Taking top honors in the Savoury Frozen Products category was Foglia a Foglia, produced by Agri-food Abruzzo of Brescia, Italy, and distributed under the Passione Verde brand. The dish features layers of leaf spinach, beet, savoy cabbage and chicory. An innovative manufacturing process keeps the leaves intact and preserves the product's flavor, color and tenderness.

From Russia with love and joy, Ice Joy, that is, was the big prize winner in the Sweet Frozen Products competition. The granular ice cream treat, produced by Moscow-headquartered Ice Joy LLC, features little IQF balls (5-6mm) in a variety of flavors including banana, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Shelf life is eight months.

Six other entries in the Sweet Frozen Products category were named national winners along with Foglia a Foglia and Ice Joy. They are:

* Smurfs Pineapple and Grape Ice Sherbet from Osem-Nestle of Petah Tikva, Israel. Individual packaging contains one of 10 different Smurf collectible figurines.

* Authentic Maras Style Log Ice Cream packed under the Carte d'Or brand distributed by Unilever Sanayi ve Ticaret Turk A.S. of Istanbul, Turkey. The easy-to-cut premium product features Maras ice cream topped with pistachio pieces.

* So:Shi Fruity Sushi Sorbet from Dynamic Commodities (Pty) Ltd of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The sorbet dessert, based on the popular Japanese delicacy concept, features three different rolls wrapped in edible wafer paper. Flavors are Lemon Sorbet with Kiwi and Strawberry Center, Caramel Apple Sorbet with Caramel Center, and Pomegranate Lemon Sorbet with Mixed Berry Center.

* Creative Gourmet Smoothie Cubes from Pagties Foods Ltd of Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Consumers just take two or three mixed fruit cubes out of the retail pack and mix them with 200 milliliters of milk, then blend the combination to create a smoothie, which can be consumed for breakfast or as a snack to be enjoyed at any time.

* Doce Vida brand Acai Pronto com Morango e Acerola. Produced by Doce Vida Ind. E Com. De Prod. Alim. Naturais Ltda of Goiania, Brazil, this winning ice cream product features the energy-packed acai berry, acerola and strawberries.

* Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers from Westlake Village, California, USA-based Dole Packaged Foods. Distributed in plastic cups containing frozen yogurt beads and finely-cut fruit, the product is formulated and packaged to enable consumers to say "bye bye" to their blender. Simply pour about seven ounces of juice into the four-ounce pre-mix, then shake vigorously for 30 to 45 seconds, and the result is an instant real-fruit smoothie.


Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers are available in three varieties: strawberry banana (fortified with Vitamin C); strawberry (fortified with five grams of fiber); mixed berry (fortified with five grams of protein). The low-fat drinks, which contain pre- and probiotics (live and active cultures), are a good source of calcium and serve up at just 180 to 190 calories.

The complete list of SIAL d'Or 2012 award winners can be checked out at the website. Those attending the show will be able to see them firsthand in Hall 6 at the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. The official SIAL d'Or awards ceremony will take place on Oct. 21, at which time the Global SIAL d'Or 2012 winner will be announced.

For buyers with cooked pasta, noodles and rice on their shopping list, a visit to Keck Spezialitaten GmbH at Stand C-104 in Hall 6 is in order. The Offingen, Germany-based company specializes in supplying these products in highly convenient frozen form to ready meals makers as well as restaurant chains. It produces more than 22,000 tons per year, with special portion control packs of IQF pasta formulated for the foodservice sector.

Keck will be unveiling a number of new ready to heat offerings at the show, in addition to presenting its wide assortment of tried and true products including 35cm long-cut pasta nests made of spaghetti, fettuccini, papardelle, Asian-style noodles and other varieties. Ranging in weight from 50 to 300 grams, the nests can be customized as desired by customers.


Meanwhile, the company continues to gear up sales of long grain, basmati and risotto rice. Brown and organic rice is also available, upon request.

On the eve of SIAL's 2012 opening, Managing Director Stephan Keck was upbeat about future business prospects, despite the current economic downturn in a number of key markets.

"The enquiries of our customers from all regions in Europe make us feel optimistic," he said. "Our products not only taste very good, but also offer the simplest handling and therefore may be quickly prepared under hygienically optimal conditions. Our customers are thus able to optimize their process cycles and work more economically than if they were using dry goods or fresh pasta."


"Food to go" from Ostbevern, Germany-headquartered Vossko GmbH ( has caught on in many European countries.

A lot of people are often "on-the-go," even if it's for entirely different reasons. Many of them eat on the street, in their car, on trains or on the bus. They meet in fast food restaurants, at the bakery or the butcher's shop, and buy their "food to go."

While short order cooks like to make snacks prepared from scratch, much of the time they opt to serve pre-made convenience products because it is bad for business to keep customers waiting too long to be served. Foodservice operators have to be able to turn out meals quickly, and Vossko offers them a broad selection of different types of products.

Examples include chicken or beef burgers, chicken sticks, chicken fillets and mini schnitzel made from pork. Generally formulated at a maximum weight of 100 grains, they can be ready to eat in a few minutes after preparation in a hot air steamer, deep fat fryer, microwave or conventional oven, or frying pan.

If larger finger food portions are desired, Vossko offers 90- to 110-granl chicken drumsticks as well as 180 to 200-gram mini ham hocks. Check these and other products out at Stand D-075 in Hall 6.

Chateau Blanc, a producer of frozen bakery, pastry and gourmet products, will hold forth at Stand B-053 in Hall 6. A member of the Holder Group, the company operates three bakeries in northern France--at Marcq-en-Baroeul, la Madeleine and Arras--that combine traditional artisanal methods with advanced modern resources.

SIAL show-goers will be able to see and taste the company's large assortment, which ranges from preproofed breads and ready-made toast to pre-risen Viennese pastries, pain pre-pousse hiberne, and newly launched chocolate-based macaroons. All are supplied in weights and packaging to suit the specific requirements of clients in retail and gastronomy sectors.

The Kochi, Kerala-based Marine Products Export Development Authority of India will be at the fair promoting the nation's bountiful supplies of seafood.

Endowed with 1.2 million hectares of marine-rich coastal fisheries and 8.5 million hectares of inland water resources and aquaculture developments, India's seafood sector exports a wide variety of products. Among its ready-to-cook value added items are battered shrimp, breaded squid rings, fish burgers, stuffed crabs, cooked salad shrimp, whole cooked lobster and battered and breaded fish fillets.

There will be plenty of chips to go with that fish, as some of the world's leading producers of frozen potato specialties will be at the show. One of them, Steenderen, Holland-headquartered Aviko BV, invites customers and potential clients to stop by Stand F-088 in Hall 6, where it will be exhibiting and serving up a raft of products ranging from frozen and chilled french fries to sliced r6sti and mashed potato specialities, casseroles, gratins, pre-boiled potato products, snacks, appetizers and more.

Aldrup, Germany-based Agrarfrost GmbH Co. Kg, the nation's leading producer and marketer of frozen potato items, will also be on the scene, offering samples to taste and meeting and greeting customers at Stand D064 in Hall 6. Its wide assortment of products ranges from premium french fries and mini hash browns to patatas bravas, potato pancakes and pommes duchesses.

Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium-based Lutosa, which in September was reportedly on the verge of being acquired by an unnamed suitor, will be found at Stand F-064 in Hail 6. The company is a specialist in producing french fries and other value-added potato products.



New from Lutosa at SIAL will be a number of items, including Croc Apere savory snacks with seasoned mash distributed in 1.2-kilogram packs containing three 400-gram bags. Flavors include: Argentinian-style Latino (featuring tomato, paprika, pepper, allspice, cumin, oregano, thyme, basil, bay leaves, parsley and garlic); Green-style Sirtaki (garlic, onion, paprika, coriander, cumin, pepper, caraway seed and oregano); and Itaiian-style Basilic.

The company will showcase Pom Rosas Lutosa, which is a threesome of non-prefried mash potato-based garnishes seasoned and enriched with broccoli, celeriac or carrots and thyme. The retail product received the "Superior Taste Award 2012" from the International Taste & Quality Institute.

Easily portionable flavored mashed potatoes, marketed as Lutosa Basilic Puree and Truff Puree, will also be front and center. The 600-gram retail offering is ready to serve after eight to ten minutes of microwaving.

For foodservice buyers, Lutosa will serve up prefried Onion-flavored Hash Browns, Herby Diced Potatoes (coated in light batter and accented with rosemary, parsley, oregano and garlic) and Veggie Burgers (a special blend of carrots, beans, corn, red pepper, cauliflower and broccoli).

Other frozen potato suppliers from Belgium exhibiting in Hall 6 will be Agristo (Stand E-064), Ecofrost (Stand D-087) and Mydibel, Stand F-103.


Ardooie, Belgium-headquartered Ardo will showcase six new frozen vegetable products at Stand F-087 in Hall 6. The company, which supplies fruit, herbs, rice, pasta and potato products as well as vegetables, operates a network of production plants in European countries. It specializes in tailoring product lines to appeal to clientele in the retail, foodservice and industrial sectors.

The new items to be launched at SIAL, each packed in 2,500-gram bags distributed four per shipping carton, are:

* Spinach Foglia, which features stacked layers of young spinach leaves cut into convenient 125-gram portions;

* Retro Vegetables Mix, an assortment of coarsely chopped Jerusalem artichokes, parsnip, celery and pumpkin;

* Duo Zucchini, featuring even, flat slices of yellow and green courgettes;

* Gala Mix, a combination of sugar snap peas, baby carrots, broccoli, romanesco and cauliflower;

* Fennel, an especially nutritious vegetable which serves as a versatile ingredient used in salads, soups, quiche or oven dishes;

* Contorno Itaiiano, a colorful mix of diced courgettes, rustica potatoes and orange carrots.

D'Arta is another major frozen vegetable producer and fruit supplier from Ardooie. As the company will soon celebrate its 25th Anniversary, an in-depth report on its history and plans for the future begins on page 41 of this issue.

During SIAL d'Arta will promote a wide line of foodservice and retail products at Stand G-099 in Hall 6. Among its newer offerings is Rusticai Vegetable Mix, a melange of orange and yellow carrots, green beans and cauliflower.

The d'Arta Menu assortment of IQF ready meals will also be highlighted, as will herbs and ethnic stir-fry dishes such as the Wok Classic combination of baby corn, yellow pepper strips, green beans and sliced carrots.

The Westrozebeke, Belgium-headquartered Pinguin Group's vegetable division will be launching two new products, while its convenience division will unveil four new items at Stand F-064 in Hall 6.

Fit Mix Broccoli, distributed in 450-gram packs under Pinguin's d'aucy brand, will be among the innovative retail offerings. Made especially for steaming, it features broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco and carrots.

Another new crop from Pinguin's garden is Chunky Roast Vegetables with Rosemary and Thyme. The main ingredients are seasoned cut carrots, parsnips and red onions.

Robust in Mediterranean flavor, Pinguin's new Ratatouille offering cooked with extra-virgin olive oil is easy to prepare and portionable. Ingredients include tomatoes, courgettes, pre-fried aubergines, onions, red and green peppers.

Risotto Base & Risotto Pomodori will also be served up to SIAL visitors, as will Penne with Salmon.


There will be dessert to enjoy at the stand as well, in the form of a newly introduced Rice Pudding featuring risotto rice garnished with colorful red and black berries.

Scelta Mushrooms, based in Venlo, the Netherlands (, isn't about just mushrooms any more. When food technologist Marc van Hulst noticed that his son, Jaro, was happy to eat french fries but struggled a little with vegetables, he came up with the idea of making vegetables in the form of fries.

This is a great way to get healthy-eating vegetables inside growing children, he figured. After six years of research and testing with kids, the time has come for Veggiefries to go into production. The products are made from mashed carrots, corn and white beans seasoned with a balanced mix of herbs.

They look like ordinary fries--crispy and golden-brown on the outside and even and smooth on the inside (no chunks!). Veggiefries have fewer calories and carbohydrates, but more vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber than traditional fries. Furthermore, they contain no added salt.

"Veggiefries provide a good way to get kids to enjoy eating vegetables," said Van Hulst. Try them for yourself at Hall 6, Stand M-111.

In addition to food producers, there will be a number of public refrigerated warehouse operators and trans port suppliers on the scene at SIAL. Among them in Hall 6, Stand E-114, will be Rotterdam, Holland-headquartered Eurofrigo, which offers cold storage services, and Thermotraffie, a sister company that specializes in freight forwarding, trucking and a full array of other temperature controlled food logistics activities.

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