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Food facts.

What? You say you're going to scream if you hear "eat less fat" one more time? Okay, okay. But did you know that you should also "eat less sodium"? (Just kidding.)

Most people can rattle off the nutrients they're supposed to eat more or less of' faster than their multiplication tables (and a whole lot faster than "Thirty days has September... ").

The tough part is knowing which foods have or don't have the fats, vitamins, or whatever you should be eating or avoiding. That's why we've created the Nutrition Action Food Facts Quiz.

Here's a little crib sheet for you. And-a-one, and-a-two, and-a "Lots of fat has untrimmed / Whole milk, ice cream, lean ground beef..."

Good Luck

1. About how many teaspoons of sugar (or corn syrup) are there in a 12-ounce can of cola?

a. 5 b. 7 c. 10 d. 13

2. A cup of whole milk has eight grams of fat. How many grams of fat does a cup of 2% "lowfat" milk have? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

3. Which of these cereals has less than 25 percent added sugar?

a. Honey Nut Cheerios

b. Frosted Flakes

c. Bran Buds

d. Life

4. Which of these cereals is low in fiber?

a. Wheatena

b. Cream of Wheat

c. oatmeal

d. oat bran

5. Which of these cereals is not low in fiber?

a. shredded wheat

b. Rice Krispies

c. corn flakes

d. granola

e. all of them

6. Which of these fruit Juices is a source of vitamin C (assuming none have been fortified)?

a. grape

b. apple

c. prune

d. pineapple

7. Which of these fruits is low in beta-carotene?

a. nectarines

b. papaya

c. grapes

d. cantaloupe

e. tangerines

8. Which of these fruits is low in potassium, a nutrient that may help prevent high blood pressure?

a. banana

b. grapefruit

c. cantaloupe

d. watermelon

e. honeydew

9. About how many teaspoons of added sugar are there in one cup of fruit yogurt?

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5

10. Which of these is not a whole grain?

a. bulgur

b. millet

c. popcorn

d. grits

e. oatmeal

11. Which of these is rich in complex carbohydrates?

a. pretzels

b. pasta

c. biscuits

d. rye crackers

e. all of the above

12. Which of these is lowest in beta-carotene?

a. zucchini

b. broccoli

c. kale

d. brussels sprouts

e. winter squash

13. Which of these cookies usually has the least fat?

a. chocolate chip

b. peanut butter

c. sandwich

d. oatmeal

14. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, your daily saturated fat intake should be less than how many grams?

a. 20 b. 25 c. 30 d. 35

15. How many grams of saturated fat are there in two slices of a Pizza Hut medium hand-tossed cheese pizza?

a. 8 b. 12 c. 14 d. 18

16. Which of these meats has the least fat?

a. extra lean ground beef

b. ground turkey

c. ground turkey breast

d. ground chicken

17. Which skinless chicken or turkey part has the most fat? (Assume that the serving sizes

a. breast

b. thigh

c. wing

d. drumstick

18. Which has the least cholesterol?

a. skinless chicken breast

b. skinless turkey breast

c. trimmed top round steak

d. flounder

e. all have about the same

19. Which has the least saturated fat?

a. flounder

b. skinless chicken

c. trimmed veal loin

d. trimmed top round steak

20. Which has more than two grams of saturated fat in a four-ounce cooked serving?.

a. skinless chicken breast

b. skinless turkey wing

c. trimmed beef top round (select grade)

d. trimmed beef bottom round (select grade)

e. pork tenderloin

21. Which has less than 500 mg of sodium per serving.?

a. Campbell's Special Request Vegetable Soup

b. Dorito Lights

c. turkey roll sandwich

d. V-8 juice

e. Lean Cuisine Zucchini Lasagna

22. Which has more than of cholesterol in a four-ounce serving?

a. shrimp d. lobster

b. scallops e. crab

c. clams

23. True or false? Children aged 2-5 should not drink 1% low-fat or skim milk.

24. Which of these vegetables is not a source of calcium?

a. kale

b. broccoli

c. green beans

d. collards

e. bok choy

25. Which is low in folic add, a B-vitamin that may help prevent birth defects?

a. leafy greens

b. orange juice

c. wheat germ

d. fin fish

e. beans

26. Which of these foods from McDonald's has the fewest calories?

a. Large French Fries

b. Quarter Pounder

c. Side Salad with Thousand Island dressing

d. Biscuit with Sausage

e. all have about the same

27. True or false? Most people need the iodine in iodized salt.

28. True or false? Most Americans get more than enough phosphorus in their diets.

29. Which Is not a source of vitamin E, an anfioxidant?

a. wheat germ

b. nuts

c. leafy green vegetables

d. vegetable oils

30. Which of these sandwiches has the most saturated fat?

a. Swiss cheese

b. tuna salad

c. chicken salad

d. sliced turkey

e. peanut butter & jelly

31. True or false? Vegetarians often get too little


32. Which has less than 300 mg of calcium per serving?

a. yogurt

b. cottage cheese

c. skim milk

d. cheddar cheese

e. none of the above

33. Which of these vegetables is a source of vitamins A and C?.

a. mushrooms

b. green peas

c. eggplant

d. cucumber

e. celery

34. Which is not a source of zinc, a trace element that is essential for proper growth?

a. wheat germ

b. sirloin steak

c. turkey

d. broccoli

e. lentils

35. Which breakfast has the least fat?

a. bagel with cream cheese

b. danish

c. English muffin with jam

d. doughnut

e. all have about the same

36. True or false? A 12-ounce wine cooler has more alcohol than a 12-ounce beer.

37. Which is not a good source of iron?

a. clams

b. black beans

c. round steak

d. raisins

38. Which bread typically contains the most fiber?

a. raisin

b. rye

c. pumpernickel

d. oatmeal

e. all have about the same

39. An ounce of whole-milk mozzarella has six grams of fat. How many grams does an ounce of part-skim mozzarella have?

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

40. Which of these supplies less than 1,000 mil of sodium per serving?

a. Stouffer's Turkey Pie

b. Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

c. Campbell's Pork & Beans

d. Burger King Whopper with Cheese

e. Taco Bell Bean Burrito with Red Sauce

41. Which of these is low in fiber?

a. artichokes

b. green pepper

c. strawberries

d. sweet potato (no skin)

42. True or False? It would be nice if at least the last question on this quiz were easy.

1l-c 2-d 3-d 4-b 5-a 6-d
7- c 8-b 9-d 10-d 11-e 12-a
13-d 14-a 15-c 16-c 17-b 18-e
19-a 20-d 21-b 22-a 23-false 24-c
25-d 26-e 27-false 28-true 29-e 30-a
31-false 32-b 33-b 34-d 35-c 36-true
37-d 38-e 39-c 40-c 41-b 42-true

Ready to roll? Give yourself one point for each correct answer-- there's only one per question.

And don't get discouraged. This is a tough quiz. But look at it this way: You don't know what you don't know until you know that you don? know it.

Here's how to rate your score:
0-10 What happened? Give yourself a
 lifetime subscription to Nutrition
11-21 Not too shabby. But forget that ap
- pearance on "Jeopardy."
22-32 Pretty darned good. Consider
 yourself a "source" of nutrition
33-42 You're a Nutrition Wiz! Ask your
 friends to take the quiz so you
 can gloat.
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