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Food diplomacy.

Byline: Syed Shakeel H. Gillani

It would not be out of place to mention that the positive and successful diplomacy promotes the harmony and different cultural activities along with excellent events among the countries all over the world. Recently an ideal and glorious food festival was organized at Ankara, Turkey by the Embassy of Pakistan under the visionary and diplomatic approach of Syrus Sajjad Qazi who is here the Ambassador of Pakistan at Turkey, to enhance the interest of Turkish people and food lovers towards Pakistani cuisines as well, it can be called suitably as public or food diplomacy sweeten like mangoes between two Muslim countries for further cordial relations in favor of futuristic plans.

Important and prominent political figures, diplomats of Iran, New Zealand, North Madisonian, Azar Bijan and a many others, fruit importers and media representatives attended the 'Pakistan Mango and Biryani Festival' fresh mangoes and mango cuts as well as wide-range of mango delicacies such as mango milk-shake, mango lassi, mango ice cream, mango salad, mango souffle, mango mousse, mango pudding, and mango cake. 'Biryani' cooked of famous and best Pakistani Basmati rice was also served at the festival while selected Pakistani melodious music added further to the festive environment to aromatise more. A photographic and calligraphic view was displayed on the occasion to beautify the grace and the strength of Pakistan's natural beauty to attract the participants and accelerate tourism. Addressing the distinguish guests, Pakistan Ambassador M Syrus Sajjad Qazi stated that our beloved country Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 6th largest exporter of mangoes in the world and in Pakistan we call mango is the only 'King of Fruit' and it is among the sweetest fruit on the face of the earth. The Ambassador also said. 'Chaunsa is the most popular variety and we served the White Chaunsa today where as Lungra, Saharni, Tota Parri and Anwer Retol are equally well tasted and sweeten mangoes. Besides Japan, America, South Africa, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, now the demand of Pakistani mangoes have been increased in Turkey because this is not only the sweetness of delicious fruit but also the flavor of closeness, commitment of relations, bilateral communication, and warm regards and mutual respect involved in the shape of confidence and trade in future. He hoped that with such events, Pakistani mangoes would be soon available to mango lovers in Turkey, Ambassador mentioned in his remarks.

Referring to the brotherly Pakistan-Turkey relations, Qazi said that Pakistani mangoes are as sweet and as special as the unique Pakistan-Turkey relations. There could be no better way to celebrate this friendship than with the King of Fruit the Pakistani mangoes. Five guests won the box of mangoes at a lucky draw. Pertinent to mention that the Government of Pakistan zealous to follow the work style of Turkey to convince tourist to give exposure to the tourism industry through provision of latest, easy and frequent visit facilities to the nature lovers in the country (Pakistan), thats why a huge number of foreigners prefer to travel Pakistan as they are being facilitated through E-Visa system to avail immidiate access and get entry on arrival at airport.

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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 14, 2019
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