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Food as Medicine for Heart Failure Patients: A Concept that Whets the Appetite.

"We know that following the sodium-restricted DASH diet benefits patients with heart failure. However, we also recognize the challenge of following a meal schedule that requires active preparation and possibly more money, especially for heart failure patients just leaving the hospital. This study aims to bridge patients in a 'vulnerable period' post-heart failure hospitalization with nutritious, low-sodium and, apparently, tasty meals. The study ultimately shows that a dietary intervention in a geographically and ethnically diverse heart failure population is feasible. Additionally, these home-delivered meals may reduce subsequent heart failure hospitalizations, impactful for both patients and healthcare costs. These findings build on a larger concept that food is medicine and should be treated accordingly. We continue to advocate for the DASH diet for heart failure patients and welcome a larger trial to confirm these initial findings."

KISHAN PARIKH, MD, Chief Fellow, Cardiovascular Diseases, Duke

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Title Annotation:THE VIEW FROM DUKE
Author:Parikh, Kishan
Publication:Duke Medicine Health News
Date:Jan 1, 2018
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