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Browse by White-tailed Deer Decreases Cover and Growth of the Invasive Shrub, Lonicera maackii. Peebles-Spencer, Jessica R.; Haffey, Christina M.; Gorchov, David L. Report Jan 1, 2018 4190
Understanding How a Keystone Herbivore, White-tailed Deer Impacts Wetland Vegetation Types in Southern Michigan. Hummel, Stephanie Longstaff; Campa, Henry, III; Winterstein, Scott R.; Dunton, Eric M. Report Jan 1, 2018 7533
Intraspecific scaling of rumen-reticulum fill might depend on dietary fiber. Duarte, Adam; Luna, Ryan S.; Starns, Heath D.; Weckerly, Floyd W. Report Oct 1, 2014 4455
Hunting the hot food: deer get a hankering for different foods at different times of the season. Key in on the hot foods for hot hunting action. Reilly, P.J. Sep 1, 2013 2122
Enamel hypoplasia as an indicator of nutritional stress in juvenile white-tailed deer. Davis, Haley S.; Mead, Alfred J. Report Jun 22, 2013 2202
The balanced food plot portfolio: when it comes to providing the best possible forage for the whitetails on your ground, it pays to balance your food plot experimentation with proven producers. Koerth, Ben Mar 22, 2013 2130
Forage all season. Whittington, Gordon Dec 1, 2012 479
The colder, the better: the lower the temperature drops in the late season, the more serious the deer become about feeding. Take advantage of the cold for some red-hot action! Reilly, P.J. Dec 1, 2012 1338
Down to the wire: the lower the temperature drops in the late season, the more serious the deer become about feeding. Take advantage of the cold for some red-hot action! Reilly, P.J. Dec 1, 2012 2050
Plant smart. Whittington, Gordon; Carney, Mike Brief article Oct 1, 2012 326
Whitetail nutrition calendar: whitetails can be picky eaters when given the opportunity. Their nutritional needs vary greatly by sex, age and time of year. The sooner you pinpoint what their needs are and when, the better your herd--and your hunting--will be. Haun, Matt Mar 7, 2012 3004
Maintain control: just because your food plots are popping up according to plan doesn't mean you can sit back and relax. The key to getting the most out of your plots is to maintain control of them throughout the year! Kroll, James C. Mar 7, 2012 2333
Dealing with extremes part 1. Kroll, James C. Nov 1, 2011 1277
The fruit factor. Kroll, James C. Oct 1, 2011 1091
The Bucks of summer: be the first hunter on your lease to join the big-buck contest. Howlett, Doug Sep 1, 2011 1095
The truth about supplements: the market for supplemental whitetail feed and minerals is more crowded than ever, but with a sound nutritional strategy, you can identify and utilize options that will improve the health of your herd. Haun, Matt Sep 1, 2011 1426
Putting on the feedbag: thanks to decades of research on the nutritional needs of whitetails during different stages of life, land managers now have more and better options for supplemental feed than ever before. Brief article Aug 30, 2011 179
Need for feed. Kroll, James G. Aug 30, 2011 1480
Need for feed part 1. Kroll, James C. Aug 1, 2011 1046
Whitetail Q&A. Kroll, James C. Jul 1, 2010 1161
Intake of mast by wildlife in Texas and the potential for competition with wild boars. Elston, Jennifer J.; Hewitt, David G. Report Mar 1, 2010 6383
Seeds & supplements. Guthrie, J. Feb 17, 2010 1838
Better plots ... for less! Wouldn't it be nice if you could set up a food plot rotation system to not only save time and money but also offer your deer year-round nutrition? Here's how to do just that. Tallman, Trenton Feb 12, 2010 1717
Nutrition, age and genetics: the critical trinity, part 3. Kroll, James C. Nov 1, 2009 1693
Conformation to Bergmann's rule in white-tailed deer can be explained by food availability. Wolverton, Steve; Huston, Michael A.; Kennedy, James H.; Cagle, Kevin; Cornelius, John D. Report Oct 1, 2009 5461
Nutrition, age and genetics: the critical trinity, part 1. Kroll, James C. Column Sep 1, 2009 1996
Nutrition--part 4: a plan that works for you. Kroll, James C. Aug 1, 2009 1324
Ratings of white-tailed deer preferences for woody browse in Indiana. Wakeland, Bruce; Swihart, Robert K. Report Jul 9, 2009 2905
Herbaceous-layer impoverishment in a post-agricultural southern Appalachian landscape. Thiemann, Jennifer A.; Webster, Christopher R.; Jenkins, Michael A.; Hurley, Peter M.; Rock, Janet H Report Jul 1, 2009 10146
Big bucks at home: with some careful habitat, hunter and herd management, it is a simple matter to grow bigger bucks on your own ground. Guthrie, J. Jun 1, 2009 2274
Fatal attraction: managing mineral licks for better deer management. Butt, Kathy Jun 1, 2009 1549
Winter use of senescent herbaceous plants by white-tailed deer in Minnesota. Windels, Steve K.; Jordan, Peter A. Report Jul 1, 2008 3569
Effects of forest cover on white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) migration in Northern Wisconsin). (Social Science, Environmental, Field Biology Poster Session 02:00 PM-03:00 PM). Biehl, Jennifer C.; Lewis, Timothy Abstract Mar 1, 2003 287
Comparative effects on plants of caribou/reindeer, moose and white-tailed deer herbivory. Crete, Michel; Ouellet, Jean-Pierre; Lesage, Louis Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 8291
Leucaena as a feed component for white-tailed deer. Mason, Brigham A.; White, Kendall W.; Campbell, Tyler A.; Hewitt, David G. Nov 1, 2001 2634
Leucaena as a feed component for white-tailed deer. Mason, Brigham A.; White, Kendall W.; Campbell, Tyler A.; Hewitt, David G. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 2693
Selection of mature growth stages of coniferous browse in temperate forests by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Swihart, Robert K.; Picone, Peter M. Apr 1, 1998 3228
Characteristics of mineral licks used by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Kennedy, John F.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; Jones, Robert L.; Jenkins, Kurt J. Oct 1, 1995 3816
White-tailed deer foraging in relation to successional stage, overstory type and management of Southern Appalachian forests. Johnson, A. Sydney; Hale, Philip E.; Ford, William M.; Wentworth, James M.; French, Jeffrey R.; Ande Jan 1, 1995 8108

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