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Food and Commercial Workers settlements.

Food and Commercial Workers settlements

In New York State, a 3-year settlement between P&C Food Markets, Inc., and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1 does not provide for a wage increase in the first year, but the 4,200 workers will receive lump-sum payments later. The payments--quarterly in the second year and semiannual in the third--will be calculated at 30 cents for each work, vacation, and holiday hour for full-time employees and at 15 cents for part-time employees. At the time of settlement, pay rates were $11.85 an hour for top-rated meatcutters. Top rates for clerks were $10.325 an hour for those hired before May 23, 1983, and $8.80 for those hired later.

Cost-reducing changes won by the 66 stores included elimination of the cost-of-living pay adjustment clause; reduced premium pay for some holiday, weekend, and overtime work; and eligibility of part-timers for health insurance after 6 months' service (formerly 3 months).

In north central Pennsylvania, the United Food and Commercial Workers and Riverside Supermarkets agreed on wage cuts in exchange for a moratorium on closing any of the 22 stores during the 3-year contract term. The company had closed 20 stores and laid off 1,800 employees during the last 2 years, citing intense competition from nonunion grocery stores with lower labor costs.

The maximum pay cut of 89 cents an hour (to $11.03) applied to meat department managers. The cut was 77 cents (to $9.64) for top-rated meat cutters, and 69 cents (to $8.63) for top rated grocery clerks. Pay was not reduced for workers in the lowest grades.

All employees except courtesy clerks will receive 10-cent wage increases in May and November of 1988.
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Title Annotation:United Food and Commercial Workers collective labor agreements
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Sep 1, 1986
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