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Food Taints and Off-Flavours.

Tainting of food is not a new problem but contamination even with very low levels of some organic compounds can cause havoc, as far as the food is concerned. The level of contamination is often so low that quantifying it is often beyond the range of all but the most advanced equipment. So, given these facts, all manufacturers need to understand how such contamination can occur, how it can be avoided and how to deal with the matter when it happens.

So often in the past the cause of a taint was not finally identified, and thus its cause was not removed. Maybe the equipment in use was not sufficiently sensitive or the expertise needed to track down the problem was not available. This book has been written to provide the background necessary to allow company personnel to recognise how food can become tainted and draw up guidelines to prevent this happening. Also it provides information on the steps that must be taken in the event of such a problem occurring.

This text has been written by 13 specialists, including the editor, and they have penned 9 chapters whose titles are: Sensory evaluation of taints and off-flavours; A survey of chemicals causing taints and off-flavours in foods; Analysis of taints and off-flavours; Off-flavours in raw and potable water; Undesirable flavours in dairy products; Oxidative pathways to the formation of off-flavours; Packaging material as a source of taints; A retailer's perspective; and Formation of off-flavours due to microbiological and enzymic action.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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