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Food Systems York out to be major player in global industrial refrigeration market.

Food Systems York Out to Be Major Player In Global Industrial Refrigeration Market

York International's decision to sharpen its focus on developing low-temperature industrial refrigeration units is expected to heighten competition in the global market for freezing systems. Rather than "slug it out in the trenches trying to sell air conditioners," explained President Robert N. Pockelwaldt, the $1.5 billion York, Pa., USA-headquartered equipment manufacturer sees greater growth opportunities in the food production sector.

"This is our long term corporate strategy now," he told Quick Frozen Foods International. "And we're going to be a major player. The industry ought to find that the pace of technology and advances of innovation will quicken a bit."

Pockelwaldt has geared up for the task by making acquisitions and establishing a new unit, Food Systems York, based in Issaquah, Wash. Headed by ex-Frigoscandia executive Terry Barber, it will draw upon the strengths of other York subsidiaries such as Frick, Frigid Coil, Refrigerated Engineering Corp. (RECO) and Samifi/Lintech.

Bringing RECO into the fold is key to the operation in North America as the San Antonio, Texas, company's freezer product line gives York an established range to sell. Meanwhile, industrial refrigeration manufacturer Samifi/Lintec of Norwich, England, will concentrate on the European market.

"We intend to be a full line supplier," advised Pockelwaldt. "This is a natural expansion of our international capacity. When we acquired RECO some months ago they had upwards of 250 freezers operating in the field. We're continuing to build them as a number of jobs are on order."

But new products are also getting a lot of attention. Recently introduced was the York series S spiral freezer, which is designed to provide long production runs between defrosts and ensure low dehydration rates. The unit's dual impingement airflow allows two-sided freezing, which results in uniform frozen product appearance and fast throughput. Other features include stainless steel construction and see-through evaporator coils with unitary fin design, isolated coil/fan assembly for on-the-go defrost, and balanced air control.

In addition to targeting traditional Western markets. Pockelwaldt said that York's ability to put together financial packages for turn-key projects will be valuable in doing business in former Communist bloc countries and South America.

"We already do a considerable amount of refrigeration volume in Eastern Europe through Germany and Austria," the president told QFFI. "We intend to use those contacts to further develop freezer business there."

As for Latin America, the company has revamped its organization to better address needs south of the border. With two factories in Mexico, it is poised to begin marketing more aggressively.

Pockelwaldt was bullish on future prospects, commenting: "One dividend from political changes in Eastern Europe will be more stability in South America. If things continue to go the way they've been going, there will be less money to go around for exporting revolution. Resources will be better spent on feeding populations and upgrading facilities."

And turning swords into ploughshares bodes well for makers of food processing equipment of all kinds.
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Title Annotation:York International starts up new company
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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