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Food Science Sourcebook, 2d ed.

FOOD SCIENCE SOURCEBOOK. 2nd edition. Compiled by Herbert W Ockerman. 1492 pages. Price: 130.00 [pounds]. (USA: Van Nostrand Reinhold) Because of the shear volume of information published in this text, it is as a two-part set. Part One carries the title Terms and descriptions and Part Two is entitled Food composition, properties and general data.

For ease of retrieval, the text has been organised in two parts and the recommended way to use it is to begin by looking in Part One. This consists of dictionary terms and descriptions, wherein the definition usually contains detailed information on the subject. Often there is some data concerning its use or properties. One then moves to Part Two which is composed of alphabetical sections containing food composition, properties and data intended as the basis for the initiation of a broader search for further information relevant to the dictionary term given in Part One.

As the publishers say, Part Two is really a 'data book' and contains numerous tables, figures, charts and formulae. To describe or review this book in any meaningful sense is not really possible and it would be only too easy to denigrate it because a particular term known to the reader is not fully explained. All one can do is list a few randomly chosen examples, thus, one finds Broodkass identified along with Coffee creamer, Egg spaghetti, Gas law, Lime [material (calcium oxide; quicklime)], Muscovy duck, Pouchong, Semitendinosus, Sugar - preserving, Urase and Wensleydale cheese. Turning to Part Two, one finds headings like Asparagus terms, Condensed-milk dressing, Flavours-beverage, Glutamate addition, Mesh sizes, Pectin content, Relative humidity, Sodium- restricted diet, Storage, Tenderness of poultry, Vegetables - cooking frozen and Vitamin retention - meat.

The above only gives a rather poor outline of the breadth of this text but it is what it says it is - a data book and dictionary combined. And if one uses it as such, a lot of information can be elicited from it.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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