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Food Science: Basic Research for Technological Progress.


Edited by J P Roozen, F M Rombouts and A G J Voragen.

This book forms the Proceedings of the symposium held in honour of Prof W Pilnik, in celebration of the twentyfifth anniversary of his appointment to the chair of Food Science at the Wageningen Agricultural University, held at Wageningen, the Netherlands, at the end of November 1988.

The titles of the papers presented can be listed as follows: From spartan simplicity to epicurean delight - technological challenges to the food industry; University and industry - a matrimony or a concubinage?; Safety of food - the vision of the chemical food hygienist; Microbiological safety assurance of dried neutral pH speciality foods of vegetable origin; Food enzymes - prospects and limitations; Progress in food preservation processes; Microbiological methods to evaluate the inner quality of orange juices; Basic research of traditional fermented foods for technological progress; Reference materials for water and food microbiology; Chemical preservation of mayonnaise-based salads; Head-space volatiles and deterioration reactions during storage of dehydrated mashed potatoes; FPLC-HPLC - a useful combination for screening hemicellulase activities in technical enzyme preparations; Testing of food contact materials by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy; Oxidative stability of chufa and olive oils, Apple protopectin - preliminary study of enzymic extraction; Sensory evaluation of enzymic soya protein hydrolysate produced with antioxidants; and Polysaccharide chemistry - three examples of basic research for technological progress in the food area.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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