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Food Sanitation.

Food Sanitation

Perhaps for a rather unfortunate reason, this is a timely text. In the UK at any rate we have weekly and sometimes daily horror or scare stories, depending on your understanding of the subject, about food poisoning outbreaks caused by mishandling of food materials. This book has been developed over the three editions to describe the principles and practices of effective food hygiene (sanitation). It also carefully notes some of the dangerous consequences of inadequate care in handling. The author provides succint descriptions of what should be done both for the catering business and indeed in the home environment. Here we find described the micro-organisms that cause disease and spoilage, and the measures to prevent such occurence. This text also includes information on additives that may or may not cause problems for some people.

Whilst the book is basically American, and refers to their Federal, State and health codes, there is much here of considerable interest for those with responsibility for hygiene in the food industry. The chapters carry titles: Sanitary science; Interactions between micro-organisms and humans; Food-borne diseases caused by micro-organisms; Control of micro-organisms; Chemical additives and adulterants; Water use in food industries; Wastes and sanitation; Regulations controlling sanitation in food production and processing; Dairy food sanitation; Food processing plant organization for sanitation; Foodservice sanitation; Sanitation in retail food stores and transportation; Seafood sanitation; and Training programmes. This useful book features a glossary, a list of common infectious diseases that may be foodborne, and selected representative Laws, Codes and Ordinances governing food industries.
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Date:Sep 1, 1989
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