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Food Safety Trends: Majority of Americans Feel OK About Safety of U.S. Food Supply.

Although food safety is a hot topic of discussion within Congress and the U.S. food system, most Americans are not overly concerned about the safety of the U.S. food supply, according to a recent survey from the NPD Group. According to the Chicago-based market research firm"s most recent Food Safety Monitor issued Aug. 12, most consumers polled were only "slightly concerned" followed by those who were "somewhat concerned."However, NPD says that on a biweekly basis, there are fluctuations in the percentages of concerns among consumers regarding the safety of the U.S. food supply based on whether or not there is a food-safety issue in the news. Depending on the concern, NPD has benchmark information to understand how long it remains of importance to consumers. Overall, the annual averages remain relatively constant.From a historical perspective, NPD continually tracks consumer awareness and concern about food-safety issues as well as their eating intentions. Every other week, the organization gauges the views of approximately 500 adults about a series of food-safety-related questions, and relays the results in its monthly Food Safety Monitor, which, since November 2007, asks: "How concerned are you about the safety of the U.S. food supply?" According to the most recent NPD Food Safety Monitor issued Aug. 12, the percent of adults breaks out as follows: 2007 2008 Jan-July 09 Average

Average AverageExtremely concerned 12% 11% 10%Very concerned

17% 18% 17%Somewhat concerned 30% 29% 29%Slightly concerned

30% 30% 31%Not at all concerned 11% 12% 13%For more information, visit

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Publication:Progressive Grocer
Date:Sep 9, 2009
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