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Food Product Development - from Concept to Marketplace.

FOOD PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - FROM CONCEPT to MARKETPLACE. Edited by Ernst Graf and Israel Sam Saguy. 441 pages with index. Price: 42.00 [pounds]. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

This book draws upon the expertise of nineteen authors from industry who have considerable experience in the field. In fact, the text presents an overview of the practical aspects of industrial food research and development today. So this really is a |how to' book.

Simply running through the chapter titles tells us a lot about the text. They are: Designing new products from a market perspective; Consumer research; R and D process; Engineering and manufacturing; Food packaging meets the challenge; Safety and regulatory aspects; Logistics - the missing ingredients in new product development; Optimizing consumer product acceptance and perceived sensory quality; Quality function deployment - market success through customer-driven products; Product excellence through experimental design; Nutrition promotion - the role of product development and marketing; The history, current status and future of nutritional product development; Food service new products - "I don't think we're in commodities anymore, Toto"; The role of the flavour supplier; Industry-university synergy - a multi-faceted opportunity for the industrial product developer; Protection of intellectual property; Focal issues in food science and engineering; Europe 1992 - constraints and potentials for food manufacturing; and Strategies for global product development.

This book is a worthwhile attempt to bridge the gap between the many science discipline-type books. Whilst they definitely have their place, product development can cover so many of them. And here is a chance to look at a particular area in relative detail without getting involved in the fine detail of a larger subject area. The publishers intention has been both to provide a book for the novice in this field and yet to provide a useful monograph for the experts in the area. To that end, it contains many references to further reading.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:May 1, 1991
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