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Food Preservatives.

FOOD PRESERVATIVES. Edited by N J Russell and G W Gould. 290 pages with index. Price: 68.00 [pounds]. (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group) This book is intended to provide both basic information and guidance on the effective use of preservatives in the industry. It features individual chapters on the applications and basic modes of the major antimicrobial additives for food. The text opens with some introductory chapters that discuss the various micro-organisms which can cause food poisoning or spoilage, their mode of operation and potential for growth and survival. Trends in worldwide legislation are also examined, and this leads on the possible use of alternative preservation systems, such as those which operate so effectively in plants and animals.

The twenty or more authors, including the two editors, involved in writing this text have created fourteen chapters entitled: Major food poisoning and food spoilage micro-organisms; Factors affecting growth and survival; Acidulants and low pH; Organic acids and esters; Sulphite; Nitrite; Solutes and low water activity; Antibiotics - nisin; Ethanol as a food preservative; Modified atmospheres and vacuum packaging; Phenols and chelators; Starter cultures; Legislative aspects; and Future prospects.

This book will provide a reference source for those involved in the food industry. Because so many changes are taking place in the legislative field, the background to the whole subject much be clearly understood, and here the various authors have set down the facts concisely. Much reference is made to the Council Directives of the European Commission because these are progressively becoming a major part of the legislation that concerns each and every country. At the end of the day, if you are involved in importing food or raw materials into the UK or Europe or exporting them to other member States, the rules are there to be complied with. Whilst the EEC point of view is very prominent in this book, there is also reference to the requirements and legislation used in countries outside the EEC.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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