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Food Pasteurisation Treatments: Technical Manual No. 27.

This Campden manual highlights the different types of treatment that include pasteurisation and provides practical guidelines for the safe manufacture of pasteurised products.

The CFDRA text is divided into two parts. The first provides information on the types of food product stabilised by pasteurisation treatments and the second provides practical advice on process design for pasteurisation treatments.

Part one sets out the design of safe pasteurisation treatments and the basic principles for establishing pasteurisation processes. It also discusses the interaction of heat with other factors and critical control points in pasteurisation treatments. This part concludes by examining the types of treatment and these include those required to produce precooked chilled products, ambient in-pack sterilised products, chilled in-pack pasteurised products and cured products. Topics discussed include heat exchangers, microwave heating, boiling, hot extrusion, smoking, Ohmic heating, baking, frying and roasting.

Part two deals with the establishment of initial product or process parameters, the identification of significant micro-organisms, the identification of inhibitory and antimicrobial components, the design of pasteurisation processes and process determination. It also includes a section on manufacturing control points and investigates organisms of significance, heat resistance characteristics and critical control points for ambient in-pack pasteurised products and precooked chilled products.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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