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Food Packaging.

This text forms the Proceedings of the 8th annual FoodPlas conference held in March 1991 at Orlando, Florida in the USA. This event is sponsored by the Plastics Institute of America Inc and attracted a good number of attendees.

Some 27 reports are published here and they reflect the five sessions which themselves carried titles; How supermarkets look at plastics; How food processors look at plastics; How companies use plastics; Regulations for plastics packaging - what's coming?; and Design for plastics packaging. The actual presentations themselves were entitled: Plastics and the purchasing equation; Plastics, the good, the bad and the opportunity; Thoughts about plastics packaging from a food retailer; Plastics for fresh, chilled and baked products; Plastics packaging and the environment - your facts, our facts, reality; Teaming up plastics packaging with food products - a 10-year retrospective and an assessment of the challenges ahead; Plastics food packaging - a sound environmental choice; Microwave packaging at Golden Valley; Food packaging - implications and considerations for recycled plastics; On thinking about plastics and our environment; Campbell Soups and plastics - what's next; What's it going to be - flexible, rigid, microwaveable, dual ovenable or what?; Flexible packaging and the environment; Solid waste solutions for food and beverage packages; Solid waste packaging issues - GMA's perspective; Should we or shouldn't we? that is the question; Food Manufacturer/packaging suplier-sharing the burden of proposition 65; FTC actions with respect to environmental claims; An FDA perspective of regulations for food packaging; Legislative initiatives affecting plastic packaging for foods; Design considerations for plastics packaging; Barrier packaging technologies - what are the alternatives?; Polyesters for monolithic barrier food packaging; Chilled foods - packaging for freshness; EZO semi-rigid packaging system; Interaction of packaging and foods to provide superior quality microwaeable food products; and Defining and developing the environment performance of plastics packaging.
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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