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Food Packaging Technology.

Published by the American Society for Testing and Materials, this slim volume contains the papers presented at a symposium, held in November 1989 in California. Sponsored by the ASTM Committee F-2 on Flexible Barrier Materials, the title of the event was the same as this text.

Like all symposia, it is really a case of should you have been there? With the multiplicity of events one would like to attend, given the time, it is inevitable that a choice must be made as to which one attends. Sometimes that means an occasion was missed but then the Proceedings of the event can still help to fill in the gap, which is why such publications can be particularly important.

In this instance, following an introduction to the whole topic of food packaging, eight papers were presented to delegates present. Their titles were: The determination of moisture stability of a dynamic system under different environmental conditions; Effect of sorption of organic volatiles on the mechanical properties of sealant films; High barrier plastics packaging and ethylene vinyl alcohol resins (a marriage); Current practices in the measurement of oxygen transmission rates of packaging films under humid conditions; Total system approach to predict shelf-life of packaged food products; Time-temperature indicators as food quality monitors; Flavour and aroma permeability in plastics; and Packaging for the 90s - convenience versus shelf stability or seal peelability versus seal durability.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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