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Food Packaging, Principles and Practice.

This text, the 6th, is part of the publishers' Packaging and Converting Technology Series. It presents a comprehensive background to the development of packages and indeed packaging systems for food products. It discusses aspects of packaging that are relevant to processing, preservation and distribution of foods. At the same time the author discusses the areas of food technology that influence the packaging process.

The 20 chapters carry titles: Introduction to food packaging; Structure and related properties of plastics polymers; Optical and mechanical properties of thermoplastics polymers; Permeability of thermoplastic polymers; Processing and converting of thermoplastic polymers; Paper and paper-based packaging materials; Metal packaging materials; Corrosion of metal packaging materials; Glass packaging materials; Deteriorative reactions in foods; Food preservation and processing techniques; Shelf-life of foods; Aseptic packaging of foods; Packaging of microwavable foods; Packaging of flesh foods; Packaging of horticultural products; Packaging of dairy products; Packaging of cereal and snack foods; Packaging of beverages; and Safety and legislative aspects of packaging.

The importance of packaging to the food business is immense, and really the modern food industry could not function without it. It has been estimated that as much as a quarter of the ex-factory cost of food is represented by packaging, so that every food technologists has to get involved with the whole packaging business. As readers will know, the technology of packaging draws on many scientific disciplines so this book is equally designed for food scientists or technologists who need to know more about packaging and packaging engineers who need to know more about food technology in relation to their subject area.

Designed to provide a comprehensive background to the whole subject area, this text carries numerous references to aid further study.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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