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Food Medication Interactions.

Food Medication Interactions

by Dorothy E Powers and Ann O Moore. 6th edition. This small ring-bound book is a widely used reference because of the possibility of interactions between food and certain drugs, even ordinarily available medications purchased over the counter. Basically. it is a long list or set of tables providing information on possible interactions that can occur.

The medications are listed alphabetically by generic name and by trade name. The classification denotes the purpose of the drug. Dietary/related significances are divided into further classifications: drug, diet, nutrition, gastro-intestinal, special conditions, metabolic/physical, other effects, and blood/serum, urinary effects. Clinically significant changes are underlined. When the medication contains pharmacologically active substances, they are listed. Selected references are listed when information is available.

Of course to make the text of a size that can be handled, numerous abbreviations have had to be used but the reader is advised to carefully study the way the text should be reading the guide at the front. Having mastered the `sign' language, it reveals a lot of information that could well solve a problem or two.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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