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Food Machinery for the Production of Cereal Foods, Snack Foods and Confectionery.

This is another text in the Ellis Horwood series in Food Science and Technology. The author comes from a Faculty of Food Machinery in China and her 19 chapters are grouped under 9 parts: Beating and machines; Chinese snack-making machines; Bread-making machines; Biscuit-making machines; Cookie-making machines; Cake-making machines; Baking ovens; Candy-making machines; and Food machinery design.

Over the last few decades the business of making biscuits, bread, cakes and confectionery products has moved from being relatively small scale and labour-intensive to being fairly fully automated. Gradually the science behind the various products has become better understood which, in turn, has meant the process can be controlled. However, first one has to measure the required parameters then establish the optimum requirement.

There are numerous books dealing with food science and technology but not so many dealing with the actual mechanics of how it is done by machine, so this text provides both a technical and mechanical background for the basic processing machinery used for some of the above-mentioned products. It includes many illustrations and tables so readers can easily understand the functions of various machines. The complicated properties of food materials make food machinery design an equally complex subject so a knowledge not only of mechanics but also rheology, hygiene and food science and technology is required. It is easy to say there is more to it than that but the author provides a wide-ranging description of the many techniques in use, with many drawings to aid the reader's understanding.

Her actual chapter titles are: Beating machines; Mixers; Steamed bun manufacture; Dumpling manufacture; Hun tun manufacture; Dividers; Rounders; Sheeting machines; Reciprocating cutters; Rotary cutters; Rotary moulders; Extruder and depositor; Encrusting machines; Heat transfer principles and electric heating elements; Construction and design of tunnel electric ovens; Cooking machines; Batch former and rope sizer; Candy-makers; and Food machinery design.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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