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Food Focus, 2 vols.

FOOD FOCUS, Two volume set. 376 and 266 pages. Price: 8.95 [pounds]. (UK: Food From Britain) Food Focus 1 was researched and compiled by Daphne MacCarthy and is described as A handbook of agricultural and horticultural produce from the United Kingdom. This text has been developed from Prodfact that was published annually from 1982. It was and this text is designed to provide information to those seeking to discover more about British food. It provides facts and figures about quantities, techniques of production and preservation, fulsome descriptions of how to handle the produce and some 90 topics are covered. Even historical notes feature in this text alongside the latest developments. The produce items discussed run from apples, through barley, butter, Chinese leaves, damsons, game, kale, loganberries, oxtail, pork, salmon, swedes, tomatoes to yogurt, with many more in between.

Food Focus 2 is subtitled A guide to sources of fresh, lightly processed and speciality foods in the UK. It was researched and complied by Bernice Hurst and is primarily intended to help buyers of food. We are told there are some 1500 entries scattered through twenty different sections. Brand names, pack sizes, distribution facilities and the ability to meet specific requirements are listed in the text. The entries are cross-referenced to ensure readers can discover what suppliers can provide. For simplicity of use, the soft cover book has been sectionalised to read: Meat; Poultry and game; Fish and seafood; Dairy; Bakery and confectionery; Fruit, vegetables and herbs; Prepared foods; Condiments; and Beverages.

The search is on nowadays to find ever more tempting and tasty products and such a text could provide a shortcut in that search.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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