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Food Flavours Part C The Flavour of Fruits.

FOOD FLAVOURS Part C The Flavour of Fruits. Edited by I D Morton and A J MacLeod. 360 pages with index. Price: 97.00 [pounds]. (Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers BV)

This book is part of a multi-volume work that has been designed to provide the latest information in this complex field. In a way it follows on from the second volume because that one dealt with the flavour of beverages. One might consider that, as so much fruit is eaten raw, its flavour composition is necessarily that much simpler than flavours produced during the heating of food materials. That is not always the case and the study of fruit flavours is still not easy.

Throughout this book the various authors have included tables listing the volatile constituents that contribute to flavour but there is more to flavours than mere volatiles. It rather depends on how those volatiles are treated as to whether the flavour is altered or not. The eight chapters carry titles: The flavour of apples, pears and quinces; Stoned fruit - apricot, plum, peach, cherry; Factors affecting the flavour of citrus fruits; The flavour of berries; The flavour of tropical fruits (banana, melon, pineapple), 'Minor' tropical fruits-mango, papaya, passion fruit and guava; The flavour of exotic fruits; and Tomato, cucumber and gherkin.

Whilst the chapters are not identical in format, being written by different authors, they do trace the origin of the flavours in the various fruits and demonstrate their characteristics. The effects of husbandry on flavour is also discussed and when dealing with unusual fruits one author covers Feijoa, Roseapple, Cherimoya, Custard apple, Soursop, Carambola, Cashew apple, Babaco, Durian, Mangosteen, Loquat and Beli fruit, to name a few. All this information will be of interest to the flavourist.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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