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Food Additives.


Edited by A Larry Branen, P Michael Davidson and Seppo Salminen. 736 pages with index. Price: 161.00 [pounds]. (Switzerland: Marcel Dekker Inc).

Food additives are by no means new, they have been used down the centuries to enhance food quality. The traditional ones include smoke, vinegar, alcohol, oils and spices but with the advent of the modern chemical industry many' chemicals' began to be used. Having once got started the number of chemicals used in food rapidly proliferated so that it reckoned that at least 2500 different additives are used in the USA to help produce some 15,000 food items!

There has always been concern about the safety in use of food additives, nearly 140 years ago Dr Arthur Hassell in the Lancet raised the issue of poisoning being caused by material added to food to denature it in some way. His comments started off something and we have been developing the regulatory business ever since. This American text obviously deals with their more recent history of legislation surrounding the use of food additives. We are now at the stage where even well known materials that have been used for many years are being re-examined as to their safety in use. So we now have the situation where risks must be balanced against benefits and a whole new era of listening to opinion has opened.

With all this going on around us the publishers have set out to provide a book carrying up-to-date information on most countries and their attitudes to this important and current problem. To achieve a good balance, twentynine contributors including the three editors were involved in producing this script. This book reviews the use of the major food additives, discussing the toxicological aspects as well as their function and use, and it provides the latest views on safety evaluation. Its chapter titles run: Introduction to food additives; Estimation of food additive intakes; Nutritional additives; Antimicrobial agents; Anti-oxidants; Flavouring agents; Flavour enhancers; Sweeteners; Natural and synthetic colouring agents; Emulsifiers; Functions of polysaccharides in foods; Enzymes; pH control agents and acidulants; Miscellaneous food additives; Methods used in safety evaluation; Food additives and hypersensitivity; and Risks and benefits of foods and food additives. To get an informed overall view of food additives here is a book that will take you a long way.
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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